Look.. it’s our future!

It’s been completely unreported by the Media, but this past week, illegals have begun to flood over our Southern border.  Border agents have commented that this is the highest traffic they have ever seen.

More migrants from around the world making way to US border – AP

Immigrant Population Tops All-Time High – Lifezette

13,210 Syrian Refugees So Far in 2016; Up 675% from 2015; 99.1% Are Muslims – CNS News

Now let’s take a look at Europe:

Sweden in Chaos:  Sweden on the brink? Police force pushed to breaking point by violence amid migrant influx – UK Express

‘We are losing control of the streets’ Merkel’s Germany descends into lawlessness – UK Express

Footage of the Muslim “refugee” invasion of Europe the media refuses to broadcast – WND

And this isn’t the worst of it.  Countless brutal gang rapes of women and childrenThese are not one or two isolated incidents.  They are happening all over Europe.  This is what people like George Soros (and happily implemented by people like Barack Obama) are fighting to bring to the United States.  And the best part is that on November 8th, they can vote!