I think Stephan Molyneux has reached the same point I’m at…  That point where even though Trump has a significant lead, we’re wondering how any decent human being can consider voting for Hillary Clinton.  This goes back to my two kinds of Hillary voters statement from the past:  You’re either ignorant or evil.  No third option.

With even the mainstream media being forced to cover the grotesque abuses of power Hillary Clinton has engaged in, the “ignorant” option is quickly becoming impossible.  Watching some of the discussions on WikiLeaks’ Twitter feed is alternately encouraging and devastatingly depressing.  There’s always at least a few people who respond to damning evidence with the Twitter equivalent of putting their hands over their ears and screaming “LALALALALALALALALALA”.  And no, these are not the paid shills that that litter the world of social media, propping up Hillary wherever they go.  These are people who are desperate to hold onto the dream that they can feel good about voting for Hillary.

And oddly, most of these diehards are female.  Now, this is purely anecdotal and not scientific, but I would estimate that the female diehards outnumber the male ones by about 10 to 1 in my experience.  Which brings me to the subject of this post.

Stephan Molyneux posted a video today that for some, will offend:

Ladies, there’s about a 99.9% chance that if you’re a regular reader here, Stephan is not talking to you in this video.  In today’s America where we are terrified of saying something that will offend someone, this video is a rare bit of frankness.  So I would encourage anyone, male or female to watch it and then forward to the appropriate people in your life.  Right now the female vote is the only thing keeping Hillary alive in this election.