Remember when Trump was just a moderate businessman who was pretty well liked by people of all political persuasions due to his personality, his success and his admirable (and dare I say progressive) track record on gay and minority inclusion?

But of course, he dared challenge the Legion that is the globalists, and so he must be destroyed.  But it wasn’t that long ago, he had an awful lot of powerful people in his corner:

HILLARY 2013: “I Would Like To See People Like Donald Trump Run For Office; They’re Honest And Can’t Be Bought”

Before running against billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump for the presidency, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an audience at a private, paid speech she wanted to see more successful businessmen and women run for office because they can’t be bought.

In a speech made public by Wikileaks – which released an email from Hillary for America Research Director Tony Caark containing three attached speeches given at a private Goldman Sachs events – Clinton spoke and took audience questions at the “Builders and Innovators Summit” hosted by Goldman Sachs on October 29, 2013.

Send this one to the Hillary supporters in your life… If you know any of those at this point.