Having fun with numbers…

There’s an excellent example today of the poll shenanigans I’ve been speaking about for a while now.

They’re always based on manipulation of the data and if you can get that raw data, you can figure out what the numbers really are.  This of course requires elementary-school level math, something most Liberals don’t possess.  Before you get on my case for being mean, remember that these people thought Obamacare could be financially solvent.

So, case in point:

ABC/Wapo Effectively Admit To Poll Tampering As Hillary’s “Lead” Shrinks To 2-Points – Zero Hedge

So when you get through the article, two very important points become clear:

  1. One week ago, the Washington Post had an absurd 12 point lead for Hillary Clinton.  Her lead has now vanished and the WashPo is now showing Hillary leading at +2.  However, that +2 poll contains an 8-point oversampling of Democrats.  So the real results are likely to be Trump +6.
  2. The kicker in all of this?  This poll was conducted on Friday morning, before the announcement by the FBI Director James Comey that he is re-opening the investigation into the Clinton email scandal.

Pretty cool, eh?  Regardless, the message for everyone stays the same whether it’s bad news or a boat load of good news:  Get out and vote for Trump and if you have someone in your life that wants to be accessory to murder and vote for Clinton, talk them out of it.