A little fun before I start posting the real news today…

Hillary was campaigning this fine Sunday morning…..

In a bar.. in Miami:

IT’S COME TO THIS=> Hillary Clinton Campaigns at Bar, In Florida, Mid Morning, On Sunday… – Gateway Pundit

Folks, I don’t even go drinking at a bar on Sunday mornings.  A mimosa or Bailey’s with a splash of coffee while on my couch on a Sunday morning is another thing.  But actually going to the bar on a Sunday morning….  That is firmly and solely in the realm of committed alcoholics.  Apparently that’s the voting bloc Hillary was trying to reach this morning.  All five of them.

Check out the vide on the article.  There’s maybe half a dozen people there.  Maybe the Russians hacked her crowd too.

UPDATE:  Apparently the whole “Campaign in a bar on Sunday morning” isn’t that much of a surprise.  Apparently Hillary likes to spend her afternoons on the campaign trail imbibing:

New WikiLeaks Email:  Hillary Drunk in the Afternoon – Somebody Needs to Call “And Sober Her Up Some” – Gateway Pundit

I’d heard rumors that Hillary really likes her booze but hadn’t seen anything until now confirming it.