My wife volunteered…

…earlier this week at a charity in St. Paul that provides food for the needy.  She spent the day giving away food and a bit of advice (when solicited) to the type of people that just about everyone likes to pretend don’t exist.  The people who are supposedly the champions of this underclass especially like to pretend that they are not real.

Many of these people aren’t like you or me.  They’re mentally ill or had horrific upbringings or both.  If you’re reading this site, you’re probably anywhere from lower-middle class to upper-middle class.  Chances are you’ve never had difficulty relating to humanity as a whole.  You haven’t struggled to keep a job despite desperately wanting that job.  You probably haven’t gone for months without a shred of happiness in your life.

My wife reduced a man to tears because as he was leaving, she told him “to have a great day”.  She genuinely meant it and he knew that and he fell apart because of that sincerity and because in his words, spoken through sobs, “Nobody has said that to me and meant it in years.”

We don’t see these people.  We live in the suburbs or if we live in the city, we live in a nice area with nice houses and apartments.  We try to avoid the areas where the lost and forgotten live.  We certainly don’t see these people on TV because in Obama’s America, those people don’t exist.  Except when they do and except when there’s 100 million people in this country just barely getting by.

These are the people whose lives are going from awful to horrific because what little sustenance they could carve out is now disappearing.  It’s being consumed by an economy that has been stagnant in historic proportions by design.   It is being consumed by a flood of unchecked illegal immigration.  It is not you or I that’s truly hurt by illegal immigration, it is societies most fragile; The very same people that my wife was helping.  The unemployment rate for young black men is over 30%. Barack Obama, our “first black president” has damaged the black community and its men more than any president since Lyndon Johnson.

But we are told that we’re the one group of citizens in the world who shouldn’t be concerned about having a border or about national sovereignty.  Our Liberal politicians never criticize every other country in the world where it’s not acceptable to just enter their country to live without permission.  But here, we’re supposed to be happy about it and if you’re not happy about it, well then you’re racist and dare I say, deplorable.  And if you’re racist and deplorable, then anything awful I do to you is perfectly fine.  You’ve no doubt seen that same scenario play out over and over in some form or another.  A speech by Hillary Clinton or a youtube video of someone wearing a Trump hat being beaten half to death by a mob.  But again I remind you that it’s the most fragile elements of our society that are being destroyed by the evil game our politicians are playing.  But you’ll never see it because for 8 years, we’re supposed to pretend those fragile individuals don’t exist, even though they’re out there in the millions.  Today, another one was ignored.

Today, Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed by a Liberal thug, undoubtedly emboldened to commit a crime by the rhetoric that constantly spews out of the mouths of Liberal politicians and pundits:


The Media gleefully ran this story everywhere.  What they didn’t show you was this:

Homeless Trump Supporter Guards Donald Trump’s Star on Hollywood Blvd for Hours

The person held a sign: “20 Million Illegals and Americans Sleep on the Streets in Tents.  Vote Trump.”  Unsurprisingly, this story was ignored by the Media.

You don’t get to vote for a criminal and a thug like Hillary Clinton and pretend you did something for these fragile people, because you know goddamn well that life under her reign will only get worse for the under-class.  You don’t have the right to say you care and then do nothing.  You don’t get to donate some old clothes a couple times a year and pretend you’ve “helped the poor” when you vote for Hillary Clinton.  The only thing you fucking get is a big red X tattooed on your face that means “I helped to make life worse for millions because I’m stupid, I’m ignorant and I’m easily manipulated by my need to feel self-righteous.”

All goddamn day, my wife had to listen to two other volunteers snicker and laugh at people that walked into the food shelf that they were volunteering at.  Later in the day she learned that they were Hillary supporters.