There’s a certain brand of troll on the web right now.  They’ve receded a bit in the past week due to the explosion of scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton.  But I still see them occasionally.  Some of these trolls are paid shills, some are unwitting trolls.  The brand of troll that I’m referring to is the despair troll.
The despair troll sounds something like: “Guys, I’m for Trump as much as you are but it just aint happening.  Too much to overcome.  Media blackout on all the Clinton scandals.  Non-stop coverage of some bad words Trump said 12 years ago and some woman he supposedly groped 30 years ago.  + Americans are stooooopid.”
Do NOT listen to the despair trolls.  Why?  Because I have a secret to share with you….
We’re winning.
Yes, they will try to steal this election like they’ve never tried before.  And yes, we know from the Project Veritas video that the Democrats have been proudly stealing elections for 50 years, so they’ve got a lot of practice at it.  Yes, Hillary has the might of the globalists, the string-pullers, the deep state, the shadow government, etcetera.  Yes, there’s been a complete mainstream media blackout of the WikiLeaks scandals and yes, for every rare minute they’ve spent on those scandals, they’ve spent 30 on Trump’s potty mouth.  But people are waking up and consequently, we’re winning 🙂
Do not despair.  Fight.  Convince those people in your life who are about to make a horrific mistake in the voting booth to make a sane choice.  You have plenty of time to turn them around and God knows you’ve got plenty of ammo to use in the WikiLeaks document dumps.
Rejoice that after everything the Media has thrown at Donald Trump, the left-wing L.A. Times poll still had him leading the race by two points this morning.  Internal polling is even better.  And they can’t steal the election everywhere.  Yes, they’ll try but they can’t turn a 55-45 election into a Hillary victory.
Be thankful that a real candidate with no puppeteer’s strings showed up right when we needed him and that we have a chance to put him in office.  But we have to fight.  Fight and persuade with facts and evidence.
We can win.  We must.