World War 3

Folks, I’ve talked about this for 18 months now and perhaps some of you haven’t believed me or simply dismissed it as hyperbole.  But we are now closer to war with Russia than ever after two years of the United States and NATO provoking them.  This is the reason above all other reasons that Hillary Clinton cannot be elected to the Presidency.

The Globalists want war.  They want perpetual war.  Perpetual war is immensely profitable and immensely useful when it comes to getting the domestic policy they want.  They want war, they want the money that comes from war and they want to use that war and your fear to take away your liberties.  Look at what the Bush admin did in the fallout after 9/11 and look at how the Obama admin has continued and expanded those same policies.  This isn’t Democrats vs. Republicans.  This is Globalists vs. Americans.

Today, an ally of Vladimir Putin made a plea to America:  Vote Trump or face Nuclear War

For those who haven’t followed our provocations, this article is easily dismissible.  Hell, some people might even take it as further evidence of the absurd accusations Hillary Clinton has made about the Russians in an effort to defame Trump and program the American people into believing that Russia is the enemy.

They are not the goddamn enemy.

And now things have escalated further:

40 Million Russians To Take Part In “Nuclear Disaster” Drill, Days After US General Warns Of War With Moscow

There are also rumors that Putin is urging the Russian parliament to recall any and all family and friends from the United States.   This isn’t playtime anymore.  Americans have been hardened to the scum in our government throwing away a few thousand lives over some ridiculous war in the middle east or in the case of the last 5 or 6 years, the Media just doesn’t report on it.  But war with Russia is different.  This is a conflict that could kill millions if we don’t manage to keep yet another insane puppet out of the White House.

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