Trump’s next move..

I’m consistently surprised at the number of women who have an intense dislike for Donald Trump, but are perfectly comfortable with the idea of voting for a woman who not only covered up her husband’s rapes, but intimidated, harassed and abused those same women.

So what I’d like to see Trump do is to tell the truth about the Clinton’s and their relationship and see if that influences the perception that the women of this country have of them.

Specifically, I’d like Trump to reveal that:

-Bill and Hillary have been separated since January of 2001.

-Their show marriage exists purely for political and financial gain.

-Hillary has slept with more women than Bill has.

-Bill has been a frequent guest of known pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein on his sex-slave island.

There’s not a single element of Hillary and Bill’s public personas that are legitimate.  It’s all a façade designed to cover up two predatory individuals.  And we’re the prey.