We already had…

…conclusive evidence that the DNC colluded with the Clinton campaign to subvert democracy and prevent Bernie Sanders from winning the Presidential nomination.  Now we have evidence that at least one major media outlet colluded with the campaign as well to keep Sanders from winning:

Clinton Email Leak: Hillary Campaign ‘Worked With’ Bloomberg Reporter On Anti-Sanders Story – Daily Caller

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign collaborated with Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Epstein to create an anti-Bernie Sanders story prior to the Nevada caucus.

In the vast trove of Clinton emails leaked Thursday by the organization DCLeaks, there is an email exchange between Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook and Emily Ruiz, head of the campaign’s Nevada operation. In the exchange, Ruiz and Mook discuss rumors that Sanders volunteers were posing as Clinton operatives and engaging in irritating behavior like knocking on voters’ doors at 11 pm.

Then, Mook reveals that the campaign is working with Epstein on a piece bashing Sanders staff for underhanded tactics.

“We are also working with Jen Epstein for a story about this (not necessarily the 11pm knocks, which we are working to confirm) regarding Sanders staff coming to office openings, tracking us, lying about endorsements, other shady field activity, etc.,” Mook says in the email.

I do not understand how any Bernie supporter could possibly consider voting for Hillary Clinton.