Let’s clear up a misconception..

Lester Holt, Liberal cheerleader and alleged debate moderator was wearing an earpiece for the debate:

I understand why people are pissed off and are assuming that Hillary cheated (again) in the debate with the help of Prog-Stooge Lester Holt.  However, it’s not a violation of the rules.  The “nonpartisan” Commission on Presidential Debates altered the rules last minute to allow the moderator an earpiece.  Supposedly, the only person allowed to talk to him through that earpiece is a member of the debate committee, Marty Slutsky (yes, that’s his real last name, don’t laugh you jerk).  Marty was there to talk to Lester about “timing and logistics”.  But I understand why videos like this are popping up.  It was not well-publicized that the committee had made the rule change, and you can find numerous well-sourced articles from just a few days ago stating that Lester would not be allowed to wear an earpiece.  Add in the fact that Clinton likely cheated in the first debate by using an earpiece of her own and you’re going to have a lot of suspicious people.

The question is “why?”.  Why does he need it?  This is a 90 minute-straight debate with no commercial breaks.  I would assume that despite Holt being a Liberal and a television news anchor, he can still overcome these not insignificant mental handicaps and use a simple, hand-held timer.  What kind of timing and logistical information could Lester possibly need from Marty?

And before you start saying “Mr. Sasshole, there’s no possible way that these people would cheat in the debates.  This is America, not a banana republic.  A political party can’t get a television anchor to cheat for them and they couldn’t possibly coerce someone on the prestigious Commission on Presidential Debates into helping Hillary!”, let’s revisit a few items:

-Dr. Drew Pinsky expresses concern over Hillary Clinton’s Health and his show is promptly cancelled.

-David Seaman, reporter for HuffPo publishes a story that’s not even about Clinton’s health, but rather about the fact that people are talking about her health.  He is promptly fired and all of his articles are deleted from HuffPo.

-An entire industry (the MSM) in lockstep to promote Hillary and denigrate Donald Trump.

Suppression of conservative opinion on Facebook and Twitter  (Remember kids, recruiting for ISIS on Twitter is fine, countering progressive talking points is not.

-Most importantly, trillions of dollars of graft being threatened as well as a decades long plan to destroy the West’s sovereignty and create global governance.

So no, it’s not much of a stretch to think that some network simpleton and a guy on a commission that only exists every four years  would conspire with the Clinton campaign to cheat.   These people will move fucking mountains to keep Trump out.

But what I suspect is going to happen is a lot of people/news entities are going to call “foul” on this and the MSM and Clinton campaign will respond with something like “It wasn’t against the rules IDIOTS, they changed them”.   The people/news entities that accused them of cheating will then feel embarrassed about getting the facts wrong, and consequently their critical thinking skills will cease functioning on this issue.  When instead they should be responding with “Okay, so it wasn’t a violation, but why did he need an earpiece?”.