It’s been a bit video heavy around here and for that I apologize.  It’s not out of laziness, it’s due in part to some unusually significant events taking place on television.  So here’s another video that I believe is an important one to watch:

The title’s hyperbole aside, Ratcliffe really boxes Comey in with his questioning here and it’s an exchange that every American should watch.  The Clinton email scandal is complex, filled with details and outright lies by both Comey and Clinton, so I understand (to a limited extent) why many people view Clinton’s guilt right down party lines.

But segments like the one above can effectively enlighten the people who are supporting Clinton out of information fatigue or outright ignorance.  Segments like the one above are also why FBI morale is in the toilet right now.  There are good people working at the FBI, fighting the good fight every day.  Unfortunately, the man who ostensibly leads them has reduced the thinking public’s opinion of the agency to that of just another collection of government criminals, stepping on the laws, the Constitution and the citizens.