Why is it all happening?

Because trillions of dollars are at stake.

This is why the Media, an entity that should be anything but a single-minded monolith is exactly that.  They are in lock step.

This is why people like David Seaman, Dr. Drew and Michael Savage are forcibly removed from the public eye for speaking ill of Hillary.

This is why billionaires are donating millions to Hillary and nothing to Trump.

This is why the RNC conspired to steal the nomination from Trump.

This is why the DNC and Hillary Clinton conspired to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

This is why major Wall Street brokerages have forbidden their employees to donate to the Trump campaign.

This is why Mitt Romney and the Koch brothers have spent over 300 million to undermine Trump.

….I could triple the length of this list.  But the bottom line is that our government is run by crooked mega-corporations and crooked billionaire bankers.  They get richer and richer by corrupting the government and using it to take your money.  This has been going on for decades and every selected (not elected) President happily (for the most part) goes along with it.  A Trump Presidency threatens that status quo.  A President Trump puts an end to the gravy train of all gravy trains.  It puts an end to the profitable wars.  It puts an end to trade deals that suck the capital out of America and into the hands of shadowy banking families under the guise of “investment in developing markets” and “fair trade” and “global commerce”.  It puts an end to a decades-long trillion dollar scam.