An entire country…

…wastes 90 minutes.

Don’t watch the debate tonight.  Unless you’re watching simply because of a macabre fascination as to whether a reanimated corpse can actually stand and speak for 90 minutes straight without toppling over or hacking up a lung (A fascination I respect fully, btw), then spend your time doing something productive.

Play with your kids.  Help them with your homework.  Use the time to cook a dinner for your wife that’s more extravagant than usual, watch a movie, go work out, make love to your husband, or call your mom and dad.

If you’re looking to the debate to help you decide who to vote for, don’t.  Just fucking don’t.  Instead, spend that time going through the WikiLeaks Clinton emails.  Real easy decision after that.  I don’t give a shit who you vote for as long as it’s not her.  Once again as a reminder, only two reasons that you vote for her:

  1. You’re an ignorant fucking retard
  2. You’re evil