There’s just no other word for it.  I was going to take the day off from posting but this is just too rich.

More FOIA’d emails relating to Hillary, this time it’s Colin Powell and Democrat Mega-Donor Jeffery Leeds:

(Note:  All three emails were from March of 2015.)

Email 1:   Jeffrey Leeds:  Wish that were the case. 🙂  Did you read Peggy Noonan this morning?

Colin Powell:  I did read Peggy.  I think she’s 80% right.  Now it turns out other State people were on the Clinton email, so none of their emails were captured by the government.  I think Hillary can’t believe she might not make it.  It’s the one prize she wants.  She has everything else.  And she HATES that the President (“that man,” as the Clintons call him) kicked her ass in 2008.  She can’t believe it or accept it.

We have a couple of things here:  1.  Confirmation that Hillary’s staffers also used her email server to avoid the emails from ever becoming part of the public record.  2. Confirmation of the Clinton’s hatred of Barack Obama as reported many times here at Sasshole.com. 


Email 2:  Jeffrey Leeds: She’s got trouble too.  No one likes her and the criminal thing ain’t over.  I don’t think the president would weep if she found herself in real legal trouble.  She’ll pummel his legacy if she gets a chance and he knows it.

Obviously interesting that there’s recognition even by an insider that this woman is despicable.  More interesting is the reference to Hillary “pummeling” Barry’s “legacy”.  This implies that there’s a serious contrast in the policies of the two.  Aside from being a war-mongering Neo-Con, we really have no idea what Hillary’s platform is.  Her views have changed multiple times on almost every conceivable issue.  Remember, ten years ago Hillary was calling for a wall on our southern border and strict immigration control.   You might have thought that the definition of racism is pretty consistent regardless of the era, but you’d obviously be wrong.  It wasn’t racist to demand a wall on the southern border and enforce our laws 10 years ago.  Now it is.  Get it, dummy?


Email 3:  Jeffrey Leeds: Sheldon Whitehouse, who is a huge Clinton supporter, said that they were both giving speeches at the same event a few months back and she could barely climb the podium steps.

Colin Powell: Not sure, but she has launched a story line that will be picked up.  I think there is something to it.  On HD tv she doesn’t look good.  She is working herself to death.  After speaking at the UN and doing the crummy press conference she flew to SF to go to a paid gig for EBay and then went to Marc’s house to get ready for a money dinner for the Clinton Foundation.  I was in Marc’s second house behind it and ducked her so we didn’t turn loose another email story by being seen together.  She then flew back east the next morning.  She will turn 70 her first year in office.

Almost a year and a half ago, people who knew here were concerned about her health.