The magical, disappearing articles..


It was there on Sunday, but now it’s gone.  I wonder if the author (Bill Robinson) will get fired now too just like David Seaman was for daring to report on Hillary’s health.  You can read the cached version here.   As you’ll see in the article, Robinson is quite critical of the media as a whole for their cover-up of Clinton’s obvious health issues.  But the best part is a hilarious line where Robinson tries to pretend that HuffPo is some kind of honest bastion of journalism:

Just as obviously, you cannot simply dismiss all things read on the Internet either. For example, The Huffington Post is an Internet-only publication and publishes news that can be trusted.

You get +1 for trying to write a semi-coherent piece on Hillary’s health, Bill.  You get -999 for being a goddamn fool and pretending you work for an outfit that’s even slightly different than an issue of Tass circa 1981.

So the carnival goes on.  At some point I expect the people who are controlling this campaign and the media to do one of three things:

  1. Do something very dramatic and foolish, which I will not elaborate on right now but use your imagination.
  2. Allow Hillary to step down and plug in either Kaine (who is an avowed Marxist and whom I will be vivisecting with the written word soon) or Uncle Joe Biden.
  3. They attempt to use some kind of arcane rules to alter the election, such as having only the electoral college vote, bypassing the popular election.

I know for a fact that #2 is currently being discussed within the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

Whatever happens, let your voice be heard.