The DNC/Clinton Campaign playbook deciphered…

..It’s just Weekend at Bernie’s.  That’s it.  It’s that fucking simple.

Today during a 9/11 memorial, Hillary Clinton fainted.

The campaign claimed that it was heat exhaustion and the New York Times promptly reported that P.R. statement as fact.  Just like good little puppets do.  Yes, I said heat exhaustion.  On a 75 degree day in New York.  Heat exhaustion…. *cough*

Later in the day, Hillary’s doctor stated that she has pneumonia.  This is interesting on a number of levels but the focus of this post is on something bigger than just Hillary’s fainting spell today, so I’ll just mention one item about the pneumonia diagnosis.  Hillary has been working a very light schedule for a Presidential candidate only two months from the election.  She works far less rallies, never has press conferences, and frequently disappears for extended weekends.  This woman is not what you’d call “burning the candle at both ends.”  And we’re in the summer/fall months with no harsh, cold weather.

And yet she has pneumonia.  Now, pneumonia during the summer is by no means unheard of, but it is quite unusual.  However, there is growing speculation that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease.  Many of her behaviors imply a serious neurological problem and a quick search of the Clinton/WikiLeaks archive for the “Parkinson’s” reveal that her aids were attempting to obtain medication for her.  Interestingly, pneumonia is a serious risk for people suffering from Parkinson’s.  Food for thought.

But what I really want to talk about is the big picture.  Specifically, the terrifyingly Orwellian behavior by the Press in this country in their coverage of the Presidential campaign.

While this has been toned down as of late, for months we had the MSM desperately trying to wind up mentally ill individuals into harming Trump.  The rhetoric was specifically geared to the potentially dangerous wind-up toys in the population.  The New York Post picked up on this back in early August:

Liberal attacks on Trump are so unhinged, it might get him killed.

But beyond that, what we’ve seen is an outright attempt to shut Donald Trump and his supporters out of this election.  The Media has clearly been given marching orders.  They’ve always been biased, they’ve always been less than truthful.  But we have never seen the Press in such lockstep.  They are hell-bent on getting Hillary Clinton into the White House.  Not just getting a liberal in the White House.  Not just a progressive.  Not just a democrat.  If it was that simple, they wouldn’t have attacked Bernie Sanders and then covered for Hillary and the DNC when we learned that they conspired to prevent him from ever having a chance at the nomination.  No, they desperately want Hillary in the White House and no one else.

The fake poll numbers are part of the Media’s marching orders.   We were told this weekend that Hillary now “only” has an 83% chance of winning the Presidency.  Oh please.  Stop listening to what you’re being told and use your own eyes and powers of perception.  There is no organic support for Hillary Clinton.  Her rallies are miniscule in comparison to Trump’s, a fact that the Media has attempted to obfuscate with trick camera angles, not showing photos/video of the crowd at Trump rallies, and flat out lies.  While anecdotal, I’ve asked slightly over a dozen people in different parts of the country to go counting for Hillary lawn signs and bumper stickers in liberal areas of major metropolitan areas.  You’d have an easier time finding Waldo than a Hillary bumper sticker.  People are not excited to go vote for Hillary Clinton.  There has never been a greater enthusiasm gap in a Presidential race.

But despite the obvious gap in support, we are continually fed an Orwellian message from the Media that Hillary is wonderful, she is the great leader we must support and Donald Trump is racist, sexist and evil and he and his supporters should be despised.  But why should we hate a man who only a year ago was a successful, politically moderate businessman?   Even as we learned from the WikiLeaks emails that Hillary Clinton is a neurologically unwell, vicious narcissist whose actions would have guaranteed a regular person a lengthy jail sentence, we were still told over and over that she was only choice.  No dissention from a single MSM entity, everyone in lockstep.  And on top of that, we’re told it is inevitable that she will win.  This message of inevitability serves two purposes:

  1. It demoralizes the Trump supporters who aren’t able to see the big picture.  Trump can’t win, so I guess we’ll just stay home on election night.
  2. The public has to believe that the election is close in order to steal the election.  If the public new that the non-public, campaign financed polling data showed Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by (just as an example mind you.. *wink*) 58-42, and Hillary wins on election day by 3 points, well…  You can probably imagine what would happen.

And then there’s the corruption.  Despite all the research that has been done on the inherent corruption within the Clinton Foundation (Check out the film “Clinton Cash” as a primer), the MSM is silent.  But they’re not silent on Donald Trump.  The New York Times, who have ignored the many scandals surrounding the Clinton Foundation, actually had the gall to write an editorial questioning whether Donald Trump engages in “Pay to Play” politics.  This is propaganda that Goebbels would be proud of.   And what kind of hard-hitting journalism does the Times engage in regarding Clinton on that very same day you ask?  A look inside Hillary Clinton’s new campaign plane.

This is sickening.  This isn’t Left/Right, Republican/Democrat.  This is sickeningly organized and coordinated attacks on one candidate and a propaganda campaign for another.  It is as if the entire MSM is a single entity, all taking orders.

So ask yourself, what is it about Donald Trump that so terrifies an entity powerful enough to control the American press?