…is a stinky cologne.

Today, Hillary Clinton informed us all that she considers half of Donald Trump’s supporters to be “deplorables.”  In one sentence, she alienated over a quarter of the country.  Now granted, Hillary and her campaign know  that a certain percentage of Americans have educated themselves on her behavior and history.  Consequently, they understand that it’s a lost cause in convincing a large portion of the electorate to vote for her.  So perhaps this isn’t as damaging as it appears.  It all comes down to whether or not it alienates some of her supporters.

It should.  Beyond the obvious, there’s a horribly despotic, dictatorial tone to this statement.  These people are earning her wrath simply because they’ve dared to not support a uniformly corrupt woman with serious mental and physical health issues.

I’m guessing at least someone on her campaign saw this as a potential negative, because Hillary now “expresses regret” over the statement.

Statements like this aren’t made by candidates in the lead.  Statements like this get made when a candidate and campaign know that the math is against them.  Yes, the media is in lock step to defend her and attack Trump.  Yes, she has the financial might of all the big banks who are donating millions to her and nothing to Trump.  Yes, she has the muscle of George Soros and his more anonymous NWO banksters ready to help steal the election.  Why then is Hillary so scared, you ask?

Because she has the real polling data and it doesn’t look good for team Hilldawg.   But access to that kind of data isn’t even necessary to see the numbers problem she’s facing.  Look at the contrasting attendance between the two.  I know this can be difficult since at every turn, the media has posted misleading photos that greatly exaggerate the size of Hillary’s rallies and the media won’t show any kind of video or photos that show just how large the Trump rallies are.  But with a little research, you’ll see that the contrast is a stark one.  Trump’s rallies are drawing 10 x the number of people.  How many Hillary bumper stickers and signs do you see?  I live in an extremely Liberal part of Minneapolis which is a Liberal city.   The RNC doesn’t even bother to run a Republican candidate for congress in my district because it’s a waste of money.  I’ve seen a single “Hillary for President” sign in my neighborhood.  One.  Bear in mind that I have a German Shepherd and he walks me to death damn near every evening.  Needless to say, I’m seeing a lot of front yards.

I still have yet to see a Hillary bumper sticker.  The idea that this is a closely contested election is a creation of the media.

And if you can reclaim some of the common sense and sanity that the MSM and the DNC has tried to drive out of you, it’s quite clear:

-The WikiLeaks email leak shows that her neurological health is poor.  The cover up of this fact has failed spectacularly.  CNN fires Dr. Drew, Huffington Post fires David Seaman, both of which only attracted more attention.

-Any individual with just a single non-partisan bone in their body could see that the FBI not prosecuting this woman was a sham.  She’s a thug.  She’d be more at home in the middle of an East Coast/West Coast hip hop war than in the oval office.  Sensible people know this.

-She has no platform.  What does she believe in?  What has she done?  She’s taken every conceivable stance on every issue imaginable and it’s all on tape, easily found on YouTube.  She has no accomplishments other than creating chaos in Syria, selling Uranium to the Russians and setting women’s rights back 200 years in Libya.

Americans are dumb and naïve a lot of the time.  Liberals are even dumber and more naïve.  But there are limits to this.  Hillary is far past that limit for many and she and her campaign know it.

Thanks for reading this long ass post.  You may now go back to whatever deplorable things you were doing, I know I will.