“Because it’s a cult.”

…was the answer a friend gave me when I posed the question “How can people even consider voting for Hillary Clinton?  How?!?  What does it take to lose someone’s vote in this country?  If she ate a live puppy on the CBS news, would she lose any votes?  How can people vote for this woman when her crimes are so great that even the MSM has been forced to report on a portion of it?”
A good friend at work then came up with the extremely insightful answer at the top of this post.  It is implied that membership within a cult revolves around blind, dogmatic allegiance.. and so it is with Hillary Clinton.
It’s important to note that not voting for Hillary Clinton doesn’t mean one must vote for Donald Trump.  Gary Johnson, faux-libertarian is an option, as is Jill Stein.  I have no problem with someone voting for Jill Stein.  I disagree vehemently with some of her principles, but by all accounts she is a good, decent American that doesn’t view public “service” as simply a vehicle to enrich herself, nor is she eager to dismantle this country at the command of her foreign masters.  Both Johnson and Stein should be at the debates but they likely won’t be due to the “chicken and the egg” rules of the debate committee that are designed specifically to keep 3rd parties out.  This country would greatly benefit from hearing the two perspectives those two provide, but that’s another topic for another day.
The “Hillary thing” for lack of a better term was stuck in my craw all day today.  The evil this woman will unleash upon this country if she’s elected… my God..  Perhaps Julian Assange said it best today:

ASSANGE: Hillary ‘a demon that is going to put nooses around everyone’s necks’ – American Mirror

Do you think Julian Assange has suddenly become a partisan after holding the Bush administration’s feet to the fire for years?  Do you think it just might be possible that his actions are informed by a genuine fear of a Clinton administration?

And while I realize people tend to die when they sue the DNC and Hillary Clinton, how fucking sad is it that out of the millions that supported Bernie Sanders, nobody else has the self-esteem to sue the DNC and Hillary for stealing the Primary election???  I mean my God people.. Every dollar donated to Bernie, be it by some rich corporate executive or some kid donating his paper route money, was all a lie from the beginning.  He was never going to be allowed to win and millions of people donated millions of dollars worth of time and money under the illusion that it was a fair system and that Bernie had a chance.

And yet many of those people are now planning on voting for Hillary Clinton.   How do you reach someone like that when they value themselves so little… where Tribalism and adherence to the “right team” is a greater part of their self worth than their right to honest elections as an American citizen.

I don’t know the answer…   I keep thinking of those special services you can call when you have a family member involved in a cult like Scientology or the Teacher’s Union… they grab the person off the street, throw them into a van and spend the next three weeks deprogramming them in a cheap motel.  Not sure if that idea will scale up to the level we need.