Don’t look now, but “gun free” Chicago had it’s most violent month in 20 years.

Did anybody notice Chicago suffered its most violent month in 20-years? – The Daily Haze

Chicago had 84 homicides in August alone.

The homicide stats are in for the Windy City for the month of August, and it does not look good. In just this month 439 people have been shot. Out of those 439, 74 were killed. Add ten additional homicides not by gunshot and Chicago has 84 homicides in August. Remind you, there is still a couple of days left to go before the month ends.

Chicago has not seen 80 homicides in a month since October of 1996. In 1996, there were 85 homicides in October and August, then in June the city saw 90. August marked a very violent month, as this last weekend alone 67 people were shot and there were 11 homicides.

The President is “concerned, but doesn’t have any specific ideas on addressing Chicago gun violence”

Don’t the criminals in Chicago understand that it’s illegal to own guns there?