Sometimes they eat their own..

A reporter for the Huffington Post made the mistake of expressing concern over Hillary Clinton’s obvious health issues.

David Seaman, far from a conservative in his views, later attempted to login to HuffPo with his reporter credentials and found his access was removed… And then later discovered that all of his work had been taken down without notice.

This is the new world we live in where the old rules of civility and openness are gone and the new, progressive rules are in place.  Things are so much better now.

David took to youtube and has posted a few videos today:

Initial video detailing his experience (Huffington Post Terminated Me for Questioning Hillary’s Health

Arianna Huffington is a Coward

He later appeared on Infowars tv:

Censored Reporter: It’s dangerous to question Hillary Clinton

Jones offered Seaman a job reporting for Infowars, which he accepted.  However, it’s not an entirely happy ending as Seaman has received multiple death threats from Liberals today for daring to speak about a Presidential candidate’s health.

I’m going to post some tweets that David Seaman has issued in response to the death threats but first it’s important to note that this is a man who based on his previous writing, I would guess would have voted for Hillary Clinton.  He’s getting a very rude introduction to how his side conducts business:

threats threats2 threats3 threats4