Suppressing the urge to vomit..

I began to break down the breathtaking lies in Hillary’s speech from yesterday.  She’s following the same script that her former boss has become so adept at creating during his almost eight years in office:  Accuse the other guy of what you are actually doing and your idiot followers will eat it up.

Thankfully, WND wrote a piece that broke down yesterday’s speech and prevented my morning coffee from making a return trip up my throat.

The crazy, conspiratorial, paranoid world of Hillary Clinton

My favorite part is where she accuses Trump of being a “birther”.  Remember who the very first person was to make a big stink out of Barack Obama’s birth certificate?  Yep, Hillary Clinton, the original birther.

The pattern continued through the amazing speech: “And let’s not forget Trump first gained political prominence leading the charge for the so-called ‘birthers,’” she said. Oh really? It wasn’t a Democrat apparatchik of Hillary’s who played the so-called “birther” card against Obama in 2008 Democrat primary? Of course it was. She just didn’t want to get her hands dirty by making a constitutional case on eligibility.

But Hillary’s lies got more vicious.

“He promoted the racist lie that President Obama isn’t really an American citizen – part of a sustained effort to delegitimize America’s first black president,” she claimed.

Trump never said that. I don’t know anyone who claimed he was not an American citizen. The question raised was legitimate: Was Obama – and is Obama – constitutionally eligible for the presidency as a “natural-born citizen”? A whole different criteria. And, again, Trump didn’t start the controversy – Hillary did, in her desperate bid for power.

Read the whole thing.