In case you weren’t paying attention..

…The 1st amendment is dead.  You don’t get to speak out against the wrong people without punishment.  Sometimes you don’t even have to speak out, you just have to discuss the worst kept secret in all of politics:   Hillary Clinton’s health.

Six days ago, Dr. Drew Pinsky (or just “Dr. Drew”) commented on Hillary Clinton’s health.  Pinsky is not a conservative and at least at one time, was a registered Democrat.  In other words, this was not a politically motivated attack.

Drew was interviewed on August 19th by radio station KABC, and stated that he is “gravely concerned” about her health:

-He said Clinton had two episodes of deep venus thrombosis, or blood clots in her legs, and suffers from hypothyroidism. He said the drug she was given for hypothyroidism was “very unconventional” and used in the 60s. Pinsky then said Clinton was put on an anticoagulant that “really isn’t used anymore,” adding that a person of Clinton’s stature would be expected to receive a newer drug.

-After Clinton fell and hit her head in 2012, she suffered a “transverse sinus thrombosis,” which he called an “exceedingly rare clot” that he has only come across once in his career.  He went on to state that the prism glasses that Hillary wore for several months is indicative of brain damage: “that is brain damage, and so that’s affecting her balance….tell us a little more about that – that’s profound.”

Two days later, KABC pulled the interview from their website.  Gone.  Poof.  It never existed.

Dr. Drew’s twitter went dark.  No tweets for a week.

Today, his TV show was cancelled.

Those of you who have supported Democrats year after year, this is on you.  This kind of suppression isn’t brand new, it’s just more visible now because these days they don’t even bother trying to hide it.  You had plenty of chances to speak out against Progressive’s special brand fascism but you did nothing but continue to support your tribe.  And this is only going to become worse if you damned fools elect this woman.