The real face of terror..


Early last week, an enormous document dump of Soros’ private files became publicly available.  The media half-heartedly covered it for a day, and then it was gone.

As usual, what the Media doesn’t report on is often far more important than the information it does.  As I have stated on this blog for years, this man is nothing less than an architect of the destruction of the West.  The data that was leaked confirms my words.

The documents confirm that Soros has:

-Influenced and rigged elections in Europe

-Funded (along with the U.N.) the migrant crisis with the intent of destroying Europe and the United States and creating Global Governance

-Funded extremist groups

-Targeted those who disagreed with paid attacks

-Shape and dictate foreign policy for multiple governments

-Paid off Congressmen and Secretaries of State

-Manipulated media coverage during the Ukraine crisis in 2014 to influence public opinion and gain support for a “New Ukraine”

-Alter Supreme Court Rulings

-Funded campaigns to create division and abject hatred between different groups within Europe and the United States.

Those are some pretty big items, eh?  Those are crimes and actions that any sensible person would think are worth covering.  But the MSM did not.  What does that tell you about who owns the MSM?  The story itself simply confirms what many of us already knew.  Perhaps the bigger story is the lack of coverage.  But we will cover it here.

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 The Globalists can be defeated so easily if we’re all awake and aware.  That’s all it takes.  They take over by stealth because they have to.  They turn us against one another so we don’t fight them.

But if we’re awake, their attempts to divide us become obvious to everyone.  The United States and Europe can take their countries back if those of us who are awake can rouse the rest of our countrymen.