I apologize for the lack of posts, I’ve been traveling recently and haven’t had much time for it.  During that span of inactivity, we’ve seen an unprecedented and coordinated attack on Donald Trump the likes of which we have never seen.  Every major cable and mainstream network, major papers, pundits, the DNC, the RNC and then some.  Some of the attacks are apparent, some are more subtle and insidious.

The greatest fear of the globalists is still haunting them:  An uncontrolled man in the White House.  Much more on this coming this week.

But for now, a couple of important stories today:

Erik Prince: Hillary Clinton ‘Very Likely Caused’ Iranian Nuclear Scientist’s Death – Breitbart


VA Drops Millions on Delayed Solar Power Projects – Washington Free Beacon

While veterans died, the VA pissed away $408 million dollars on solar panels, many of which never came online.


Lastly, this topic deserves its own lengthy post which I will do later in the week.  I’ve been told repeatedly for the past couple of years that Hillary’s health is not good.  I’ve never been given specifics beyond “neurological related” so I can’t say much beyond that she is not a healthy woman.  Of course, that’s being hidden to the best of her handlers’ capabilities.  The woman cannot walk up the stairs on her own:

Hillary Gets Help Climbing the Stairs – WND

On its own, this video would be a disconcerting curiosity.  But paired with all the other odd neurological tics she’s displayed, it’s very apparent that both she and her campaign are hiding some serious health issues.  Perhaps she should get on the Jeb Bush health regimen and eat a live puppy for breakfast each morning.