The DNC and Hillary Clinton current scorecard:

-Candidate and political party that conspired to steal the primary election from Bernie Sanders.  -Check

-Candidate and political party conspired to slander Sanders over his religion. -Check

-Candidate colluded with Ken Vogel at  Politico to craft news stories that benefited her.  Hillary and the DNC had final approval on his stories.  -Check  (Make sure you read the link on this one, it’s unbelievable.)

-Candidate offering to exchange government positions for cash and using the DNC as a proxy.  Which is highly illegal. – Check

-Corrupt committee chair resigns in scandal for circumventing democracy and helping a candidate only to immediately be offered a job by that very same candidate.  -Check

Joint fundraiser held between Hillary/DNC and the Washington Post.  They knew it was illegal (not to mention they must have known it would eliminate the last shred of doubt in anyone’s mind that the MSM is simply the public relations wing of the DNC) – Check.

Obviously, there’s also the email scandal that I won’t rehash even though it probably should be rehashed.

So, on to the headline of the post.  It would be reasonable to assume that my headline of “Embarrassing” is in regards to Hillary and the DNC and all the boxes they’ve managed to tick tonight.  However, that assumption is wrong.

We have all the items above out in the open.  On the public record.  None of it in doubt.  Each one of those items is utterly damning to the character of the individuals and in the normal world with regular people, any one of those items would result in the loss of one’s job and/or jail time.  We have a big convention celebrating that same individual at the center of the list above.  We have Sarah Silverman informing people who are upset that their democracy is a lie that “you’re being ridiculous“.    You have as many as a thousand people leaving walking out of the Democrat National Convention with no plans to return.  In response, the DNC posted an ad on Craigslist offering to pay people $50 a night to attend the convention so that the place looks full for the cameras.  No, I’m not kidding and yes, that ad is real and genuine.

So when I say “Embarrassing” at the top of this page, I’m not embarrassed for the DNC or for Hillary or the millions of brain dead zombies that support her.

I’m embarrassed to be an American tonight.  That all this can go on, the criminal, thuggish behavior.  The shameless co-opting of the Press, the utter disdain for the rule of law.   The shallow, anti-intellectualism of having some dumb bitch stand next to a retarded communist hobbit and inform the disenfranchised that they’re “being ridiculous”.  The Potemkin village that they’ve built on the floor of the DNC by hiring people off the street to fool the uninformed that “all is well”.  All of it.  Everything that has happened, that has been allowed to happen and continues to happen in that convention hall.

So yeah, I’m fucking embarrassed.  This is the kind of shit that happens in banana republics.  Not the United States that I grew up in.  We should all be very, very goddamned ashamed right now because we are a joke.  We are a goddamn punchline to a joke being told by the leaders of our enemies and our rivals.