…and terrifying.

Many of us have been waiting so long for the awakening that we’re seeing begin to take shape today.  Two candidates who are outside of the establishment come along and force both Committees to show their hand and allow us a glimpse of the people behind the curtain working their levers and dials.  One manages to get through the gauntlet.  One comes close.

A corrupt figurehead (and Presidential candidate) of the New World Order is exposed by WikiLeaks (with a little help from the Russians I suspect, but that’s another post for another day).

People everywhere realizing that their Republic has been a lie and they’re doing something about it.

This is today’s narrative.  Not the one the Globalist puppet masters have so carefully constructed for decades.  And that’s what scares me.

When they lose the narrative, bad things happen.  They’ve never lost the narrative this badly before.  Desperation often leads to terrible, violent acts.  I and people smarter than me are worrying right now that a false flag event could be around the corner.  An event carefully designed to bypass your critical thinking skills and dart straight for the fear center in your brain that steals the narrative back, that puts you in the box they’ve constructed for you.  A horrific reminder that they are in charge of you.

Hope and pray that we see nothing of the sort.  And if those prayers aren’t heard and something bad happens, know it for what it is.  Don’t let it frighten you.  Instead, let it fuel you and propel you into pressuring the people you elected to value you, to put you first instead of themselves.  To do what’s right.  That means respect, honesty, decency and most importantly, Liberty for every citizen of this country.