Don’t be fooled…

It is not an unreasonable expectation that Donald Trump will be officially nominated by the RNC this week during the convention.  There was a small, public attempt to derail the nomination by a small group of #NeverTrumpers but it was quickly stopped.

But behind the scenes, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Karl Rove, representatives from the Bush clan, and several other powerful figures of the establishment are working to free the delegates and convince, bribe or force them to nominate someone other than Trump.

EDIT 7/19/16 10:45AM CST:  Received some emails questioning Mitt Romney actually being at the convention.   I can assure you, he is there.  Highly doubtful you will see him on camera but he is there, doing what he can to pursue every avenue to steal the nomination from Trump if possible, and doing damage control if he fails.  Rove is there for much the same reason.  Remember, Jeb Bush was supposed to be the next step in the Bush dynasty and that failed miserably.  Consequently, Rove has a lot of damage control and soothing of angry establishment members to perform.