Perhaps there’s a less obvious lesson to be learned.. the killing of Philando Castile.

There is an important fact on the periphery of every single one of these issues that most in the media do not acknowledge or do not want to acknowledge.  And that is the roles of government, laws and the enforcement of those laws.  People see what they view as a problem in society and want a legal framework in place to eliminate or punish that problem.  Politicians are eager to show their worth by creating new legislation and typically that legislation involves creating new rules.  However, It is up to the police to enforce those rules and consequently, behind every law is the barrel of a gun.
Many, many people have been killed by police where the encounter was predicated on breaking an extremely minor law or statute.  This man in Falcon Heights over a broken tail light.  A man in New York killed in an encounter with the police over selling loose cigarettes.  I could fill the page with these kinds of encounters.  The more rules, the more opportunities there are for the police and the citizens to interact over those rules.
Perhaps a better understanding on the part of the populace of how the power of the State, their laws and the enforcement of those laws ultimately works can be an ingredient in solving this problem.  We need less laws,  not more.