An honest question…

..For registered Democrats out there, specifically Hillary supporters.

What will it take?

…. I’m waiting.  Oh, you want context?  What will it take for you to stop supporting Hillary?  What’s the bar now?  How low is it?  Can James Cameron get low enough to find it?  If Hillary Clinton ate a live puppy on network television, would that get you to reconsider your vote?

We’re officially a banana republic now, did you know that?  If you’re thinking I’m talking about a store, slap yourself.

The worst part in all of this is going to be the day after the election because there’s going to be violence.  If Trump wins, every cretinous moron wind-up toy that’s been programmed by the DNC to believe that Trump is Hitler will be hitting the streets with pitchforks and torches in hand.

If Hillary wins, a small percentage of the people that understand the score will have finally reached their breaking point.

Both reactions will cause even more division among the American people and the elites will eagerly use it to their advantage.  So stop playing the game.   Figure out what your values are, what you believe in and align those ideals with a candidate.  That candidate doesn’t need to be one of the two candidates and it sure as fuck shouldn’t be Hillary Clinton because there’s no values there to align with.  I do not say that as an ad hominem attack.  Simply watch/read/listen to interviews with Clinton over the past two years.  The only way to figure out what she stands for is to listen to her most recent speech because it’s probably something different from the previous one.

Stop playing the game.  Start thinking intellectually about the things  you believe in and care about and let that knowledge inform your actions.  Don’t be a dick to people and DON’T be violent.  And for fuck’s sake, dig down and find your self esteem.  YOU, WE, we all deserve better than this woman and the corrupt system that allows someone like her to walk away from actions that would incarcerate the rest of us for life.

The only silver lining in this whole thing is that apparently, some members of the MSM do apparently have a bar, and Hilldawg dropped below it.   The following is a clip from MSNBC this morning.  Remember while you’re watching it that it’s MSNBC, and they still can’t stop themselves from shredding Hillary:

MSNBC Morning Joe – Hillary/FBI report about email conduct