EXCLUSIVE: Security Source Details Bill Clinton Maneuver to Meet Loretta Lynch – Observer

An exclusive interview with a security source who was present at the unplanned meeting Monday night on a Phoenix tarmac between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lorretta Lynch has shed additional light on an unusual summit that is embroiling the AG in charges of favoritism. As attorney general, Lynch heads the Department of Justice just as it is deciding whether to proceed with charges against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server during her tenure as President Obama’s secretary of state.

The source has decades of experience providing security to government officials. The source spoke to the Observer for 20 minutes and answered follow-up questions via text message on the condition that no further details be revealed, including even gender, given the possibility of losing his or her job as an active overseer of security arrangements. This person was on-hand for the entirety of the meeting and some of its aftermath.

According to this source, whose credentials were checked and confirmed by the Observer with sources inside both the FBI and the United States Secret Service, the attorney general was caught completely off guard by the meeting and the source dismisses suggestions that have been raised alleging that she waited there to see Bill Clinton or accommodated his request to see him. In fact, it seems from this source that it was Bill Clinton who was maneuvering for face time with the attorney general, because his plane had been scheduled to leave before hers arrived.

This story is just… there’s no words.  Loretta Lynch is the highest law enforcement official in the land.  She has a secret meeting with the husband of a woman under FBI investigation for a crime that she’s already admitted to.  A crime I might add that if you or I committed, we would spend the rest of our lives in prison.

Back to the story, when Bill went over to Loretta’s plane, the FBI insisted that all media turn off their cameras and recorders.  They of course complied.  This in itself is an outrage.  But you have to remember that with this Administration, ALL questions from reporters are pre-vetted.  If you go off the reservation and ask a question you’re not supposed to, you’re out of the reporting pool.

But perhaps things are slightly different this time as it appears that there are actual limits to what the MSM will allow from its Liberal overlords.  There’s heavy criticism from all corners from the news world for this meeting between Lynch and Billy.

Fast forward to this afternoon at the Aspen Ideas Festival.  Lynch held a “press conference” that was no such thing as she just answered softball questions from some idiot sycophant from the Washington Post where she promised that she’d “never do this again” and perhaps slightly more interesting, she stated that she will be “accepting their [the FBI] recommendations” on whether or not to indict Hillary Clinton.

Now for the big news.  I was told tonight that internally at the FBI, they will indeed be recommending to Loretta Lynch to indict Hillary Clinton and that if Lynch does not abide by their recommendation, agents will be leaking the details of their investigation to the public.  I’m told that this is viewed as an open and shut case.