Hey Media: Another Nightclub Shooting, This Time No Massacre – NB

A man with a concealed carry permit in South Carolina prevented a massacre in a nightclub. But this example of Second Amendment saving lives hasn’t garnered media interests. According to a report on The Federalist, “A man with a concealed carry license stopped a shooter after the latter opened fire on a crowd of people at a nightclub in South Carolina early Sunday morning.” 

One of the people at the club, Renada Irby, praised the quick-thinking individual (who didn’t want to be named) for saving lives: “If it wasn’t for him, I think it would have been more people injured than what it was. I don’t think he [the gunman] was going to be stopped.” For more, see the local WISTV.com report. 

Without that concealed carry holder there at the club, we’re all talking about this massacre today.  But nobody will report this.

Think very carefully about why the MSM is completely in lockstep with the Left in getting guns out of your hands.  Why is it so important to them?