Spoiled brat acts like spoiled brat…

Obama goes on “rant” about Donald Trump’s populism – CBS News

President Obama went off on his own rant Wednesday at a trilateral press conference in which he disputed the idea that Donald Trump is a populist and that the presumptive GOP nominee instead promotes “nativism” or “xenophobia.”

Ever notice that when anyone disagrees with this man (or Democrats in general), the charge is never incorrect logic or a difference of opinion, the charge is always some kind of despicable character flaw.  Xenophobia, bigoted, racist, etc.?

He said the reason why he ran for president in 2008, again in 2012, and why he will continue to work in some capacity in public service after he leaves office next year is because he cares about people and making sure every child has the same opportunities as he had.

This would be tragically sad if he was telling the truth.  There’s almost 100 million adults no longer in the workforce.  Not many opportunities for the kiddies when mom and dad are on the dole.

Without identifying him by name, Mr. Obama dismissed Trump as someone “who has never shown any regard for workers, who has never fought on behalf of any social justice issues” and who has worked against providing economic opportunities.

Because the measure of a man is the number of engagements he’s been through as a social justice warrior.  Jesus Christ, I don’t know how this fuck wad says these things without breaking into laughter.  However, Trump was speaking up for gay rights back during The Clinton Administration.  But he’s criticized by a President that up until a few years ago was firmly against gay marriage.  And as far as economic opportunities go, Mr. Barry, Donald Trump has created thousands more jobs than you have.  That’s what successful companies and businessmen do:  they create jobs and wealth.

Perhaps the most fascinating element of this little tantrum is that it’s one more example of Barack Obama having far more venom for his political enemies at home than an organization like ISIS who just murdered dozens more in Turkey only 24 hours ago.