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Why Trump frightens the GOP Illuminati – American Thinker

On June 23, 2016, CNN trumpeted that “a heavyweight foreign policy adviser to Republican presidents” had endorsed Hillary Clinton’s candidacy: 

“Brent Scowcroft, who served as National Security Adviser to Presidents George H. W. Bush and Gerald Ford, and who worked in the White House of Presidents Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, said Clinton ‘brings truly unique experience and perspective to the White House.’”

Then, on June 24, 2016, CNN gleefully announced that Hank Paulson “endorsed Hillary Clinton, adding his name to prominent GOP heavyweights who are backing the presumptive Democratic nominee.” 

Yet another “prominent” GOP “heavyweight” for Clinton!

Paulson was Treasury Secretary during George W. Bush’s presidency.  Hank brought us the 2008 Big Bank Bailout – along with union pension fund bailouts – plus, funding for all those “shovel-ready” infrastructure projects that were never-ready for shovels.  A huge scam.

And there’s Robert Kagan, a reputed neoconservative who writes for the Washington Post. On July 21, 2016, Kagan is scheduled to headline a D.C. fundraiser for Clinton. TPM quotes him saying,

“For this former Republican, and perhaps for others, the only choice will be to vote for Hillary Clinton. The party cannot be saved, but the country still can be.” 

Kagan is concerned that America will become 1933 Germany.  His May 18, 2016, Post article led with this incendiary title: “This is how fascism comes to America.” In it, he deploys 1,300 words to describe Trump as America’s rendition of Adolf Hitler.  

The list of prominent GOPe anti-Trumpters is likely to grow as the Republican Convention approaches.  So why are some GOPe Illuminati so afraid of Trump?  Here’s why:

Trump threatens the complacent comfort they’ve long enjoyed as members of the junior political party – junior even though they now control both Houses of Congress.  

Unlike the Democrats, who hunger for full power and control over the federal government, the GOPe aims to “go-along-to-get-along.”  They don’t want to lead. It’s too hard. They’d rather follow. It’s less risky.

Besides, the party is ill-equipped to lead.  It has no guiding, discernible political philosophy. It collectively swims in the neither hot, nor cold, waters of moderation.  

When conservative GOP Senators are elected, the moderates ostracize them as extremists, a la Cruz.  

When liberal GOP Senators are elected, the moderates see them as bridges across the proverbial aisle that allegedly separates the two parties.  In fact, no bridge is needed.  Just a stepping stone, or two, will suffice.

Because Trump threatens to destabilize the GOP’s status quo position as the junior political party, he presents an existential threat to the livelihoods of party apparatchiks. The GOPe is fully content to play the Washington Generals to the Democrat Globe Trotters. 

Meanwhile, everybody gets paid.

So, for just a moment, let’s try to set our tribalism aside and think clearly and pragmatically.  Donald Trump is not a Republican.  He’s running under the Republican banner because he can use their fundraising structure to have a chance at competing in a Presidential election.  Politics is an enormous industry, you can’t win as an independent for lots of reasons, least of all money.

Trump is not a racist.  This is a man who has employed thousands of people of all colors, origins and sexual preferences.  A calm, sensible look at the facts will reveal this.  You can argue for or against open borders, but increasing or decreasing the current limit of approximately one million legal immigrants (pre-Obama) per year has nothing to do with not liking brown people.

Trump is a nationalist.  Globalism has been foisted upon this country by both parties under multiple administrations under the premise that it would be an economic panacea for Americans.  Obviously we all fell for it (including at one time, me) and just as obvious, it wasn’t as advertised.

We have a global economy on the brink of collapse.  We work harder and harder and our money buys us less and less.  Almost 100 million adults are out of the work force.  Why are we satisfied with the status quo?  Why are we so willing to accept that the days of a blue-collar father being paid well enough to buy a small house in the suburbs that allows for his wife to stay home with their kids (if she so chooses) are gone, never to return?

Americans are good people.  We’re also easily led by the nose.  But some are wising up and realizing that the days of Republicans vs. Democrats are long gone (if they ever existed to begin with) and the reality is closer to the Globalists vs. The People.  Some of us have finally caught on to the plot of this horror film.  We realize that none of the Presidential elections during our lifetimes have mattered or been real.  We also realize that for the first time, it’s possible that one of those same elections is the genuine article with a genuine candidate.

Look at the people on both sides of the isle criticizing Trump.  Look at the anti-American policies that all of these people have supported in the past.  Yes, all of them will trot out the same tired story, that they just love this country too much to allow a crazy guy like Donald Trump to win the Presidency.   These people have never told the truth.  Why would you believe them now?