Trump Blamed For San Jose Riots By Clinton-Supporting Mayor – Zero Hedge

Last night, attendees of yet another Trump rally were violently attacked again.  Watch the videos in the article.  People were punched, egged had their Trump hats and shirts stolen and burned.

San Jose’s shitstain of a mayor (oddly appropriate considering it’s a shitstain of a town) and Clinton supporter informed the media that all this violence is Trump’s fault.  Bearing that in mind, watch those videos.  Notice anything interesting about what the police are doing?  Oh wait, you don’t because the police are doing nothing.  The mayor clearly gave a stand down order to the police, then has the stones to blame Trump for the actions of left-wing zombies.

The best part is that each of you probably know at least a few people that will believe him.

I wonder if the Left realizes that these actions all but guarantee that Trump will win the election?  Whether he’ll become President is an entirely separate issue but every time these fucking animals act this way at Trump rallies, regular, conservative and moderate voters are further galvanized in casting their vote for Trump.

Those regular, middle-America voters have seen what decency and playing by the rules has bought them: nothing.  And now they’re going to try to elect someone who will curb stomp the violent little communists, the social justice warriors, the faux feminists, and every group who for years has felt that the rules don’t apply to them because their opinions are just so damn righteous.

There is going to be a reckoning for this behavior, one way or another.