Life in the Childish States of America – NY Post

This week we learned that, for the first time in 130 years, more young adults ages 18-34 are living with their parents than in any other arrangement. We also learned (or were reminded) that students at Oberlin, one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, are wee wailing babies who are having the all-day equivalent of night terrors. You can hardly speak to them without using “magic circles” to soothe them.

These two trends aren’t coincidental: Millennials, and the generation following them, are reforming the country. What they’re creating amounts to the Childish States of America. If our national symbols were to be revised accordingly, the bald eagle would have to be replaced with a Teletubby.

We live in a profoundly unserious country already and now in the coming years, a younger generation will be moving in to half-heartedly take the reigns after 4-8 years of indoctrination and pampering at what now qualifies as higher education in this country.  It should go splendidly.