Leaked Audio: Clinton Says Supreme Court Is ‘Wrong’ on Second Amendment – Washington Free Beacon

Hillary Clinton slammed the Supreme Court as “wrong on the Second Amendment” and called for reinstating the assault weapons ban during a small private fundraiser in New York last week, according to audio of her remarks obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

While Clinton has previously supported an assault weapons ban, this is the first time since launching her campaign that she indicated that she would take on the Supreme Court over gun issues.

Although Clinton did not identify which Supreme Court case she disagreed with, she appeared to be criticizing the landmark 2008 ruling in District of Columbia v. Heller, which found the handgun ban in Washington, D.C., unconstitutional.

“I was proud when my husband took [the National Rifle Association] on, and we were able to ban assault weapons, but he had to put a sunset on so 10 years later. Of course [President George W.] Bush wouldn’t agree to reinstate them,” said Clinton.

“We’ve got to go after this,” Clinton continued. “And here again, the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment. And I am going to make that case every chance I get.”

So what is she giving us here exactly?  Does she genuinely believe her own words to the point of creating an executive order banning sporting rifles?  Or is she just lying to her brain-dead constituents?  I would guess it’s the latter.

It’s not 1993 anymore, kids.  A democrat President issuing a ban on sporting rifles would almost assuredly result in bloodshed and I’m sure she knows that.  So my guess is that she’s just playing to the most enthusiastically tyrannical elements of her base.  Seems like a very foolish move.