Long-term economic collapse.

19 Signs That American Families Are Being Economically Destroyed – Zero Hedge

A friend of mine the other day asked me at lunch “So, at this point, what would be the state of affairs if Romney had won the election in 2012?”

I thought about it briefly and said “The economy would be in better shape.”  I then paused and added “We would be quite so far down the road.”

By that I mean that the final destination is the same regardless of whether a Republican or Democrat is in office.  The rhetoric differs as do the routes to that final destination, but the endgame remains the same.  But there is one big difference.  With Obama, the Left has been breathtakingly mindless in their permissiveness.  President Barry can literally do anything and his constituents will turn a blind eye.  Read the list in the above link and then consider the fact that Liberals everywhere in the media and academia are still contending that this economy is robust.  This brand of abject stupidity has allowed for an accelerated pace towards the endgame.  With a Romney Presidency, the Left and the Media would be critiquing every single action, no matter how minor.

This accelerated pace is coming at perhaps the worst possible time.  The country is finally waking up.  Not all of them, we still have 20% of the electorate supporting Hillary Clinton and another 25% supporting a communist (But hey, at least he’s a communist that isn’t owned by the globalists, right?).  But even the support of Bernie is a sign that a significant percentage of people on the Left are starting to recognize that a horrific game is being played.

Conservatives and Libertarians have been starting to recognize this far longer but for those who are still in doubt, the RNC’s attempt to steal the nomination should be a clear sign.

So now it’s a race.  Will a global police state be put in place, or will the masses wake up first and demand their Republic back?