Will Hillary get charged, or what? – NY Post

With that, agents have been spreading the word, largely through associates in the private sector, that their boss is getting stonewalled, despite uncovering compelling evidence Clinton broke the law.

Exactly what that evidence is — and how and when it was uncovered during Comey’s months-long inquiry — has not been disclosed. For the record, the FBI had no comment on the matter, and government sources say no final decision has been made.

Clinton denies she did anything wrong, claiming she had no idea she was getting classified information (a violation of federal law) on her private server during her years as Obama’s secretary of state because the documents she received contained no such headings.

This is another example of our media failing us, utterly.  There’s a dirty little secret that relates directly to Mrs. Clinton’s statements about how “she had no idea” that documents she was sending and receiving were classified because they “weren’t marked classified.  Nobody in the federal government receives email that is “marked classified”.  That’s because classified emails are supposed to go through specific, secured servers specifically for that kind of sensitive data.  They sure as hell aren’t going to mark those emails as “Classified” because that’s like adding a big, bright flashing light that says “LOOK HERE!”.

However, Clinton obviously knows that an average citizen has no idea that this is the case and so she can make statements that sound technically true while being wretched lies and the media is covering for her every step of the way, including Fox News.  Let that sink in for a minute.  Supposedly Liberal-hating Fox news hasn’t mentioned this.   Do you think they honestly aren’t aware of it?  Don’t kid yourself.

It’s all theatre.  Every channel, every minute.  And that is why they are all so terrified of Trump;  Because if he wins, the show ends because the audience realizes it’s all staged.