Finally, some honesty.

Democrats unveil bill to seize certain guns, ban assault weapons – AOL

Democrats in Georgia’s state House of Representatives riled many gun owners this week when they introduced a bill that bans assault weapons and high capacity magazines and also requires officials to seize “certain weaponry and ammunition.”

The bill, HB 731, is sponsored by six Democrats, including State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, who explained her support for the bill in a statement on her website.

“Georgia needs debate about these weapons which are only used for rapidly killing people,” she wrote. “Assault weapons are not necessary for deer hunting.”

The bill also outlines the punishment for anyone who does “possess, distribute, transport, transfer, or sell” an assault weapon:

“Any person who distributes, transports, or imports an assault weapon into this state shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than two nor more than ten years.”

Anyone who does possess an assault weapon or a large-capacity magazine would have until October 31, 2017 to either modify the weapon to “render it permanently inoperable or such that it is no longer an assault weapon or large capacity magazine” or give the firearm over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to be destroyed, under the legislation.

In regards to Mary “Wasn’t Hitler Awesome?” Margaret Oliver’s statements:

-She suggests that Georgia needs a debate but it sounds as though she has absolutely no interest in one.  She simply  wants to violate the Constitution.

-In regards to “deer hunting”, I get very, very tired of this spurious logic designed to appeal to the moronic followers of Leftist dogma.  The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting.

Most importantly, this law is simply gun confiscation.  To those of you in favor of “common sense gun control”, this is why we do not trust you.  Gun confiscation has always been the goal, it’s just that the Georgia Democrats are shameless enough to be honest about it.

Of course the bill will not be passed.  The treasonous filth that’s sponsoring the bill knows that.  Even Hitler’s bottom bitch with her comments above knows that it won’t pass.  But they’re licking their finger and pointing it into the air.  They want to see just how many leftwing idiots in Georgia will get behind this.  Testing and probing, waiting for just the right time where public emotion is high and resistance is at its weakest.  Because once they finally get that bill passed, it’ll be one hell of a struggle to repeal it.

Never give them an inch.

Sell everything ahead of stock market crash, say RBS economists – The UK Guardian

Investors face a “cataclysmic year” where stock markets could fall by up to 20% and oil could slump to $16 a barrel, economists at the Royal Bank of Scotland have warned.

In a note to its clients the bank said: “Sell everything except high quality bonds. This is about return of capital, not return on capital. In a crowded hall, exit doors are small.” It said the current situation was reminiscent of 2008, when the collapse of the Lehman Brothers investment bank led to the global financial crisis. This time China could be the crisis point.

The largest problem is finding a way to prop up 2.2 quadrillion dollars in derivatives.  That’s not a typo.  The house of cards keeps getting bigger and bigger.  And the people that created this will never suffer for it.

It’s Time to Stop Using the ‘Fire in a Crowded Theater’ Quote – The Atlantic

In the last few years, the quote has reared its head on countless occasions. In September, commentators pointed to it when questioning whether the controversial anti-Muslim video should be censored. Before that, it was invokedwhen a crazy pastor threatened to burn Qurans. Before that, the analogy was twisted to call for charges against WikiLeaks for publishing classified information. The list goes on.

But those who quote Holmes might want to actually read the case where the phrase originated before using it as their main defense. If they did, they’d realize it was never binding law, and the underlying case, U.S. v. Schenck, is not only one of the most odious free speech decisions in the Court’s history, but was overturned over 40 years ago.

Not coincidentally, whenever you hear someone say this phrase, that individual almost always leans Left.  There’s a fear of freedom with the Left that’s not unlike the fear of an agoraphobic stepping outside his house.  It’s difficult to reason with fear.


Gun Sales in Austria Increase by 350% Due to Staged Migrant Invasion – The Local

Up until September 2015 an average of 100 weapons permits were issued a month in Vienna. Police records show that this doubled in October, and quadrupled in November to 457.

“It’s clear that people’s general sense of unease has increased,” Robert Siegert, industry spokesman for the arms trade in the Chamber of Commerce told broadcaster ORF.

He added that exact figures were not available but that larger weapons shops said sales had risen sharply for self-defence weapons – particularly pepper spray, blank-firing guns and tasers.

Europe is slowly being destroyed and our Media of course ignores it.  They aren’t reporting that “refugees” from far more countries than Syria are flooding into Europe, particularly France and Germany.  This is a staged migrant invasion.  George Soros, perhaps the most visible face of the New World Order, has spent millions to facilitate the Muslim migration into Europe.  Muslim migrants arriving in Europe are given a “migrants handbook” (courtesy of Soros) packed with tips, maps, phone numbers and advice about getting across Europe.  He, perhaps more than anyone else is aiding and abetting the destruction of Europe.

These same Soros-funded “migrants” are literally raping their way through Germany.  But nobody in the MSM is reporting it.  Large-scale protests erupted last week against the government of Germany willingly allowing the destruction of the country.  The protests were peaceful but the police showed up in force anyway and turned water cannons and tasers on the crowd.  It should be noted that there was a far stronger police response to the protesters than to the rapists themselves.

George Soros has been thrown out of Russia because of his “Pro-Democracy” charity.  In reality, Putin is enemy #1 to the globalists because he is not owned by them or anyone.  Soros consequently, has spent significant amounts of money to weaken the Russian government.

This is the same George Soros who funded the rioters in Ferguson, Missouri.

This is also the same George Soros who has funded and created the Liberal Porn site,  Another favorite masturbation hang out for the Left is which is unsurprisingly, funded by George Soros.

If you think the same atrocities can’t happen here in the U.S., you’re lying to yourself or you’re a damned fool.   Stop living in fear.  Start getting angry.


Solar-Powered Pod That Lets You Live Off-Grid Anywhere Now For Sale – True Activist

If you were one of the many infatuated by the solar-powered pod that allows you to live off-gridanywhere in the world, you’ll be stoked to know that they’re finally on the market.  According to Ecocapsule, a limited edition of 50 self-powering pods is available for pre-order.  If this is your first time being introduced to the amazing eco-dwellings, following is a recap of what you can invest in.  The 120 square-foot mini-homes are fiberglass encased with solar panels; each has a wind turbine mounted to the roof for powering a battery that can supply four days of electricity. 

If the stock market continues on its current vector, something like this may become a necessity.  Regardless, it’s a sharp piece of engineering if you can afford it.


A Time to Celebrate (and survey the damage)..

President Barack Obama is giving his final State of the Union Address.

The subject of his haughty monologue is unsurprisingly, fear.  He urges us to eschew fear for hope.  The same blind hope that led fools everywhere to put this man in office in 2008 (2012 is another story).  Fear we’ve had enough of.  Fear has informed the course of this country for 15 years now and politician after politician of both flavors has taken advantage of that fear.

I would maintain that both states of mind are equally dangerous.  Alternatively, I would suggest you exchange that fear for anger and patience.

We cannot look for a great leader to come along and fix this all for us so stop waiting for it.  We’ve suffered through two puppet Presidencies that have been actively (and at times openly) hostile towards the people of this country.  We have a Congress and Judiciary that are owned.  We have elected politicians, servants, telling you how to live, taking away your rights and actively working against your best interests.  So for Christ’s sake, stop being afraid and start being angry.  Then use that anger to get involved.  Stop thinking that your vote next November is going to somehow fix things.  Our great strength is our numbers.  Start donating to worthy political causes, start telling politicians that you’re pissed off at them directly through email or phone calls instead of bitching about it in some comment thread.  You’ll be surprised how much power you have if you actually use it.  Dedicate yourself to being part of the solution moving forward.

While it seems counter-intuitive to anger, you must also exercise patience.  Not for politicians, not for the pace at which we fix this country but for your fellow countrymen and women who still can’t or won’t realize that they’ve been duped.  Do your part to put an end to the division that this Administration has sewn the past 7 years.  Be polite and persuade instead of stooping to their level.  Relentlessly fight in the most polite way you know how to persuade people that demanding a Federal Government that’s abides by the Constitution is not a partisan issue.  Arm yourself with facts, figures and numbers.  No ad hominem attacks, no straw man arguments, no superlatives.  Believe in freedom and express that belief while not getting bogged down in petty differences.

But for just tonight, have a celebratory drink.  We’ll never suffer through another State of the Union address by that son of a bitch ever again.

Tavis Smiley: On Every Leading Economic Issue Black Americans Have Lost Ground Under Obama – Gateway Pundit

What about poverty? In 2009, when Obama took office, the black poverty rate was 25.8 percent. As of 2014, according to Pew Research Center, the black poverty rate was 27.2 percent.

What about income? CNN Money says, “Minority households’ median income fell 9 percent between 2010 and 2013, compared to a drop of only 1 percent for whites.” The Financial Times wrote last October: “Since 2009, median non-white household income has dropped by almost a 10th to $33,000 a year, according to the U.S. Federal Reserve’s survey of consumer finances. As a whole, median incomes fell by 5 percent. But by the more telling measure of net wealth — assets minus liabilities — the numbers offer a more troubling story.”

What about net worth and the black-white “wealth gap”? The Financial Times said: “The median non-white family today has a net worth of just $18,100 — almost a fifth lower than it was when Mr. Obama took office. White median wealth, on the other hand, has inched up by 1 percent to $142,000. In 2009, white households were seven times richer than their black counterparts. That gap is now eightfold. Both in relative and absolute terms, blacks are doing worse under Mr. Obama.” Remember, these numbers apply to all “non-whites.” For blacks, it’s worse.

When looking only at “black net worth” — which is lower compared to non-whites as a whole — white households are actually 13 times wealthier than black households. From 2010 to 2013, according to the Federal Reserve, white household median wealth increased a modest 2.4 percent, while Hispanic families’ wealth declined 14 percent, to $13,700. But blacks’ net worth fell from $16,600 to $11,000. This is an astonishing three-year drop of 34 percent. Investors Business Daily put it this way, “That’s a steeper decline than occurred from 2007 to 2010, when blacks’ net worth fell 13.5 percent.” The black/white “wealth-gap” has reached a 25-year high.

What about unemployment? In 2009, black unemployment was 12.7 percent, and by 2014, it had fallen to 10.1 percent. This sounds like good news until one examines the black labor force participation rate — the percentage of blacks working or seeking work. It’s the lowest since these numbers have been recorded.

It figuratively kills me whenever I see some idiot Liberal in a comments section crowing about how utterly wonderful the economy is, especially when African Americans have been hit disproportionately hard by this disaster of a Presidency;  The very group whose welfare that white Liberals everywhere are supposedly so devoted to.

But hey, unemployment is 5.0% so things must be fantastic.. unless you count the 93 million adults that have given up on trying to find a job.

Americans Are Abandoning Political Parties – US News & World Report

The latest Gallup Poll finds that loyalty to the Democrats andRepublicans is at or near historic lows. In 2015, for the fifth straight year, “at least four in 10 U.S. adults identified as political independents,” a Gallup spokesman said. Forty-two percent said they were independent last year; 43 percent listed themselves that way in 2014, reflecting little change.

Twenty-nine percent said they were Democrats and 26 percent said they were Republicans.

The Democrats’ share was the lowest for that party in Gallup’s 65 years of asking about party identification. The previous Democratic low was 30 percent in 2014.

The Republicans also have cause for concern. The 26 percent who identified with the GOP was just 1 percentage point higher than the historical Gallup low of 25 percent self-identified Republicans in 2013.

There’s a great awakening occurring.. at least among moderates and conservatives.  Whether it’s happening in time remains to be seen.

The Hill-Dawg Blues…

-FBI’s Clinton probe expands to public corruption track

-150 agents working Clinton Foundation probe: Ex-US atty

-State Department to release Huma Abedin email trove

For people with just the slightest bit of objectivity, sense and intelligence, Hillary Clinton is someone they wouldn’t even consider voting for.  The woman is utterly corrupt, a failure as a politician and Secretary of State, completely devoid of charisma and has been abjectly reckless with national security.  But that’s JV Ball compared to the current President, so the question on everyone’s mind should be:  Why is this happening to Hillary?

The FBI doesn’t go after someone as powerful as Hillary Clinton without someone more powerful driving it.  Is this as simple as the toxic levels of bad blood between the Obamas and the Clintons rearing its head into public view?  Or is this something more insidious?  Is this involvement by the real power brokers of the world and the aggressive FBI investigation evidence that she is not who those power brokers want as their chief puppet of the West?

I don’t know.  What I do know is that this is not as simple as a powerful and corrupt family getting their just due.  This sort of thing doesn’t happen without powerful hands pulling the rope.