California is poisoned… and Liberal, Globalist scum sits idly by..

Since October of 2015, Methane gas has been leaking into the California air at a rate of 110 thousand pounds per hour.

110,000 lbs per hour.

Methane is a “greenhouse gas”.  The amount of methane that has been released from this leak since October is equal to 25% of the methane emissions of the entire state of California for a year.  Bear in mind that California alone is significantly larger in both size and population than several entire nations.  Consequently, California produces a tremendous amount of pollution in a year.  25% is a big number.  The leak essentially doubles the typical emissions rate of the Los Angeles area.  This is an incident that will affect the entire planet.

Thousands are ill from the gas.  Finally after two months, the Governor, Jerry Brown finally declared it a disaster.  He didn’t even mention it in his year end “State of the State” address.  Could the Governor’s apathy be related to the fact that his sister sits on the board of the company responsible for the leak?

And yet, Jerry seemed immune to the sting of hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance (as so many Liberals are) with his shameless grandstanding at the Paris climate conference.

I will believe that there’s a climate change problem when the people who claim there’s a problem start acting like there’s a problem.