9/11/2001 – There was a large scale drill being conducted by the NORAD and the USAF the morning before the attacks.  Coincidentally, the drill involved testing fighter response to a hijacked airliner.

7/7/2005 – On the morning of Britain’s “9/11”, an anti-terror drill was conducted in London by Scotland Yard, emergency services and a private security company.  The drill used the fictional scenario of multiple bomb attacks on the London Underground.  Coincidentally, shortly thereafter four Islamist extremists detonated three suicide bombs aboard London Underground trains and a fourth on a double decker bus.

12/14/2012 – FEMA and DHS ran a drill early in the morning on this day in Sandy Hook Connecticut.  The drill was named “FEMA L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters.  An excerpt from a local newspaper reveals that the drill scenario was that of an active shooter at a school:

 In the years following the infamous school shooting incident at Columbine, Colorado, law enforcement agencies and local school districts in Putnam County and across America developed plans and protocols to safeguard against and respond to similar acts of school violence. Since Columbine, new tactics and training have been devised and implemented for law enforcement officers for responding to situations of active shooters in schools.

Coincidentally, later on that day a young man named Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary and opened fire with an AR-15, killing several student.

4/15/2013 – Two months prior, DHS personnel engaged in a training exercise called “Operation Urban Shield”.  The scenario involved a terrorist group planting explosives in backpacks around Boston.  Marathon runners reported that DHS personnel were running the same training exercise during the morning of the Boston Marathon.  Coincidentally, later that morning a backpack filled with explosives was detonated next to the marathon.

11/13/2015 – An Emergency Services drill took place in Paris, France early in the morning that revolved around mobilizing all elements of emergency services in the event of mass casualties resulting from a terror event.   Coincidentally, later that evening three suicide bombings took place that killed 130 people.  A Parisian emergency medical services specialist who was part of the drill commented in a radio interview “ luck would have it, in the morning of the Paris MAU, a multi-site attack exercise has been planned so we were prepared.”

Weird, eh?