Difficult to know what this means.  Obama has been destroying Hillary via the FBI investigation so most people in the know assumed that was to set up a third Obama term via Biden swooping in to capture the nomination.  That’s apparently not the case now.

To clarify on my Obama/destroying comment, this FBI investigation simply doesn’t happen if Obama doesn’t want it to.  There’s very, very, very bad blood between Clinton and Obama going back to Obama stealing the nomination in 2008 through dirty tricks and intimidation at the primaries.

Clinton polls extraordinarily poorly against any Republican candidate so perhaps a deal has been made to give next year’s election to a “trusted” Republican.  ie., a criminal that the puppet masters can count on.  Jeb Bush for instance.

Not sure what the play is here, but as always, things are rarely as they seem.  More as I know it.

Homan Square revealed: how Chicago police ‘disappeared’ 7,000 people – UK Guardian

Police “disappeared” more than 7,000 people at an off-the-books interrogation warehouse in Chicago, nearly twice as many detentions as previously disclosed, the Guardian can now reveal.

From August 2004 to June 2015, nearly 6,000 of those held at the facility were black, which represents more than twice the proportion of the city’s population. But only 68 of those held were allowed access to attorneys or a public notice of their whereabouts, internal police records show.

The new disclosures, the result of an ongoing Guardian transparency lawsuit and investigation, provide the most detailed, full-scale portrait yet of the truth aboutHoman Square, a secretive facility that Chicago police have described as little more than a low-level narcotics crime outpost where the mayor has said police “follow all the rules”.

Seven thousand people illegally detained.  Less than 100 were allowed access to an attorney.  How many other black sites like Homan Square are out there?  At least one in every major city I’m willing to bet.

For those of you who are naïve enough to believe that the police state isn’t here, knock it the fuck off.

Washington Post Reporter “Convicted” of Espionage By Our Best Pals in Iran – Ace of Spaces

More here by Betsy Newmark:

“This is what happens when a presidential administration doesn’t prioritize the lives of American citizens. With all that negotiating for a year with Iran, we couldn’t have made his release a condition of talking? Nope, because Obama wouldn’t let anything stand in the way of his dream of a deal.” And in their hatred of President Bush, the media were not prepared to properly vet Mr. Obama in 2008. As even CNN admitted by the end of November 2008, Americans “are putting a lot of faith in a man they barely know.”


Ben Carson’s Progressive Critics Are Terrified Of Answering This Question – The Federalist

Wow, great arguments, guys. You sure showed that pediatric neurosurgeon what was what. On one hand, Carson–a world-renowned pediatric surgeon–made a completely uncontroversial remark about the nature of the Nazi gun control regime: its entire purpose was to make it easier for Nazis to kill Jews. On the other hand, you used the F-word repeatedly. I don’t know who I can trust!

The progressive response to Carson is illustrative: deep down they know that Nazi gun confiscation during the Holocaust poses something of a problem for those who wish to institute gun confiscation regimes today. Defending forced gun confiscations in theory (“fewer guns means less violence!”) is a lot easier than defending forced gun confiscations in practice. So instead of being faced with either defending Hitler’s gun confiscation regime or acknowledging that Carson’s underlying point was correct, they chose to gaslight him.

They should not get off that easy, though. If they’re going to attack Carson for accurately describing the intent behind Nazi disarmament of Jews, then they need to answer a few questions about that disarmament regime. Question one: was Hitler wrong to disarm the Jews? Why or what not? (Or if you’re a Godwin’s law adherent: was the South wrong to forcibly disarm blacks?) And question two, should they deign to answer the first one: why did Hitler disarm the Jews?

Facts are stubborn things.  We now have a society built on the idea that feelings are more important than facts.  Such a society is very vulnerable to manipulation.

The Drone Papers – The Intercept

This is a new batch of documents leaked by Edward Snowden to The Intercept.  The MSM will most likely give this very little coverage so I would encourage you to read about this as soon as possible.

While the President isn’t busy crafting Executive Orders to take away your guns, he’s busy with assassinations and shipping 50 tons of ammunition to Syrian rebel groups (hint:  “rebel groups” means ISIS).  I’m sure someone will explain to me how this is totally not hypocritical.