The Unbearable Racism of Social Justice Warrior Jerks – Liberty Zone

Because apparently, according to this shrew, the only way queer, black boys can escape into the wondrous worlds of literature is through mirror images of themselves, not through great storytelling, no matter who tells it! And if you think that “white” stories are anything but “white” stories, well then you’re a privileged racist. If you believe literature should be for everyone, no matter what color the writer or the main characters are, then you’re an insensitive lout, who doesn’t deserve consideration or respect. If you insist on a world as it should be – judged by the content of its character, rather than the content of the melanin in its skin or its social identity – you’re a disgusting bigot.

The absolute twisted derangement of this pseudo-logic is mind-boggling. If you refuse to judge others by something as superficial as skin color or sexual identity, you’re a bigot. Orwell is probably spinning in his grave so hard, he’s spiraled his way to the earth’s core by now.

I don’t focus on the insanity  of college campuses (and academia in general) much on this here blog because it’s one of those topics that requires a ton of posts on a regular basis in order to properly convey the magnitude of the Marxist takeover that’s currently in progress.  But this well written essay is a critique on another essay that represents a microcosm of the distortion and perversion of literature taking place in higher ed.

I expect that 20 years from now, many of today’s college graduates are going to suddenly and angrily realize that spent 4 to 8 years and a couple hundred thousand dollars on brainwashing.