World War 3 Blues…

I have alluded to a painful truth in the past on this blog, but it bear repeating:

There is an element in the U.S. Government and more importantly, the “string pullers” for lack of a better term, that want World War 3 to happen.  Much of what our current administration has done in the Middle East is to create chaos to set the stage.

You are most likely not aware of the following, because not a single mainstream news outlet reported it.  But we (the United States) is deliberately provoking the Russians with our nuclear arms deployments:

Putin promises ‘counter-steps’ To US nuclear weapons deployment to Germany:

The planned deployment of the latest US nuclear bombs at the Buchel Air Base in Germany would disrupt the strategic balance of forces in Europe and could force a reaction from Russia, President Vladimir Putin’s press secretary has stated.“It may lead to the destruction of the strategic balance in Europe.

Therefore it would definitely cause Russia to take corresponding counter-steps and counter-measures in order to restore the strategic balance and parity,” Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday.“This is another step and unfortunately it is a very serious step towards increase of tensions on the European continent. Such actions cannot be described as a step towards stronger trust and greater stability,” the Russian official added.

The statement was prompted by news this week circulated by the German television channel ZDF, which found out from US budget documents about the US Air Force’s plans to bring new B61 nuclear bombs to the Luftwaffe’s Buchel Air Base.