A Deficit Of Debt Discussion. – USA Today

America’s cumulative borrowing is rapidly approaching $20 trillion, while the federal government’s unfunded liabilities (future expenditures minus future tax revenue) now exceed a whopping $127 trillion — better than $1.1 million per taxpayer.

That’s not merely unsustainable; it’s suicidal.

Following a similarly risky path, Greece has now defaulted on its obligations, sending a shock wave through financial markets around the world. This was a crisis that could have been avoided through sound fiscal policy, but the Greek government has for years lacked the political will to do what it takes to secure that nation’s financial health. The nightly news showcases the unfolding Greek tragedy as though it were another TV reality show. A country on the verge of collapse, full steam ahead on a similar trajectory as the American economy — and journalists are largely silent.

Closer to home, Puerto Rico teeters on the edge of financial ruin and risks enormous damage to municipal bond funds and other instruments relied on by millions of Americans to help protect their long-term financial security.

Let’s be clear: The United States must end the cycle of endless and unsustainable debt that we’ve seen elsewhere around the world, or it will face the same fate as other nations before us.

Doing nothing to improve Social Security’s solvency will only result in an empty trust fund and risks to future benefits for everyone. The same is true of every other budget-busting program in our bloated federal budget.

With these facts in mind, I must ask those running for the White House to lead America as our next president, particularly those in my party: What is your plan to deal with this? To the news media, why are you not asking our future leaders this question?

I can’t help but laugh (bitterly) every time some fucktard smugly says something along the lines of “Fox news isn’t real news.”.   As if NBC, ABC, et all were somehow any more real than Dolly Parton’s tits.

Because if they were, we’d see reporting done on issues like the one above.  I can understand why our political class doesn’t mention it, because then they might endanger the gravy train and we can’t have that.  But for the media, it’s just one more example of their utter abdication of their responsibilities.

Obama Finally Orders Flags Flown at Half-Staff for Chattanooga Victims – PJ Media

Within a couple of hours of the gay marriage ruling, the White House was tarted up in rainbow colors to the point of looking like a clown brothel.

4 murdered marines and a murdered sailor takes 5 days though.

Every.  Single.  Breath.  These people take is about politics.  If the Liberals of this country only knew how this White House thinks of them.

Trump extends lead amid GOP calls to bow out – ABC News

The real estate mogul-turned reality television star has refused to apologize for those remarks as well as comments labeling immigrants rapists. He’s responded to criticism by name-calling. On Tuesday, Trump publicized the personal cellphone number of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), one of several Republican presidential contenders to denounce Trump’s comments about McCain. Many are now calling upon Trump to bow out of the race.

“Donald Trump does not have the character nor does he have the temperament to be the commander-in-chief of our military forces,” former Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) said in a Tuesday interview on FOX News Channel.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) told CNN, “It’s offensive. It’s ridiculous, and I do think it’s a disqualifier as commander-in-chief.”

Returning to Comedy Central’s Daily Show desk on Monday, comedian Jon Stewart wasted no time thanking Trump for giving him plenty of material.

“You’re at the point where even your fellow Republican presidential candidates, the people who are trying very hard not to recognize what a terrible person you are, now have to recognize what a terrible person you are,” Stewart quipped.

Yet a new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Trump expanding his lead among Republican voters to nearly double his nearest opponent.

When a party ignores the collective voice of its constituents, people will get behind someone that does hear that roar.   To the Republican candidates and the RNC:  If you don’t lead, the people will choose a leader and the end result of that process is that you might get a leader that’s not of a particularly high caliber.

People want to be heard.  People recognize that the Republic is on death’s doorstep.  They will gravitate to someone who listens.  Especially when an entire party has decided it’s easier to sell out their country because it’s easier to imitate their ideological foe rather than fight them.

Obama defends IRS, says tea party targeting didn’t happen – Washington Times

But the president said he’s not to blame, using the IRS as an example of how what went wrong wasn’t his fault, and questioning whether tea party groups were ever targeted.

The IRS’ internal auditor concluded that the agency did, in fact, target conservative and tea party groups for intrusive scrutiny, and Mr. Obama’s own Justice Department is still conducting a criminal investigation into the targeting.

Mr. Obama, though, disputed that version Tuesday, according to the pool reporter traveling with the president.

Mr. Obama said Congress “passed a crummy law” that provided vague guidance to the people who worked at the IRS. And he said that employees implemented the law “poorly and stupidly.”

Sure, why not.  It’s not as though anyone on the Left hasn’t already made up their mind on this.  They’re sure as hell not going to read any of the excellent reporting done by Judicial Watch on the matter.

Of course, to admit otherwise would be admitting that the 2012 election was stolen.

Tsipras Stunner: Creditors Said “There Is No Point In Holding Elections” In Bailed Out Countries – Zero Hedge

Not posting the usual short blurb because this article needs to be read.  It’s not long but I respect Zero Hedge far too much to print an entire article of theirs wholesale.

This article is a window into the reality of global governance and the evaporation of national sovereignty for all countries.  For some countries like Greece, the loss of their sovereignty is obvious to the point of a brave PM admitting it.  In America, it evaporates quietly with things like Net Neutrality and the TPP with each half of the country taking turns cheering.


Lois Lerner, DOJ and FBI Had Meeting About Targeting Obama’s Opponents, Nets Refuse to Report -NewsBusters

What’s it going to take for the networks to start seriously reporting on the IRS scandal again? On Tuesday, Judicial Watch announced the stunning revelation that newly discovered Department of Justice and IRS documents showed there was “an October 2010 meeting between Lois Lerner, DOJ officials and the FBI to plan for the possible criminal prosecution of targeted nonprofit organizations for alleged illegal political activity.” This latest bombshell has yet to be reported on any of the Big Three (ABC, NBC, CBS) networks.

Does anyone on the Left care that an election was stolen?  One would think that the Hillary backers in 2012 would stand up and say something, considering that the Primary was stolen by Obama’s thugs as well.

The “Fuck You” Clause: AKA Barack Obama’s Executive Power Grab – Truth Revolt/Ben Shapiro

Obviously, the Republicans in Congress bear an enormous amount of the responsibility for allowing this man to amass so much power.  But no more than a constituency whose understanding of the constitution and basic civics is so poor that a President can get away with using the ridiculous excuses outlined in the video.

It’s only 4 minutes long and well worth your time.