Paws Up Don’t Shoot

The web is ablaze with hatred for a Minnesotan Dentist fuck wit who paid 55 grand to go to Zimbabwe and kill an adult male lion.  A lion who has been tracked by researchers, photographed and loved from afar for a decade.

I understand deer hunting.  I may even go one of these years.  I have friends who deer hunt and they have three noble (in my opinion) goals when they go deer hunting:

-Relax and enjoy nature.

-Kill the animal quickly and humanely.

-Feed their families with the kill.

I understand and respect this.  What I do not understand is the desire to fly halfway around the globe and kill a rare and spectacular predator.  I understand all of the trip except the part where you pull the trigger.  What possesses someone in this day and age to kill such a spectacular animal?  Did I mention that this asshole used a bow to make the kill?  Bow hunters reading this will probably disagree, but there is no way possible to make a humane kill on an animal of that size with an arrow.  (Fuck you, bow hunters if you disagree.  You’re wrong.)

So this amazing creature was killed, slowly and painfully by some prick dentist with a hardon to show his mastery over nature.  Did I mention that any kits that this lion had are almost certainly dead, murdered by another male lion eager to remove a competitor’s genes from the pool.   So fuck you, dentist from Minnesota.  You don’t deserve all of the hell you’re going through, but you’re a prick and you deserve some of it.

That being said….

This entire fiasco is yet another example of how the people of this country have gone full retard.

Let’s contrast the public’s reaction to this asshole dentist with the recent revelation that Planned Parenthood is selling fetuses like chum.  I’m pro choice (about just about everything) but what these people have done and said is flat out evil.  I do not use that word lightly so please make no mistake, evil is a very real thing and it is flourishing on this little mud ball we call home.

The reaction to the atrocities that Planned Parenthood has committed has been mostly a bunch of “ho hum” with tiny pockets of white hot outrage.  But nothing will come of it.  The chatter is already dead and there won’t be protests.  Hell, we can’t even get protests over the NSA listening to and watching everything we say and do.  But people will protest over some fucktard dentist and a lion.

Fuck you, America.