The big shake up.. (ha!)

How Obama Dumped Hagel – Politico

Nothing surprising here.  There had to be some kind of shake up in the cabinet after the ass pounding the White House received in the mid terms (Haven’t you noticed that Obama has been smiling more often lately?) and considering that Hagel has no voice in military strategy, this was the easiest move Obama could make while still appearing to listen to the message Americans sent a few Tuesdays ago.

The scary thing is that Hagel’s voice, despite being barely above a whisper, was the lone voice of experience and sanity when it comes to military and defense decisions within the White House.  Now those decisions are made exclusively by Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice.  No, I’m not kidding.

The Washington Times has an interesting piece on this as well:

Hagel latest in long line of Obama advisers to turn against national security policy

Mr. Hagel, the only Republican in Mr. Obama’s Cabinet, had been marginalized for months, and numerous reports said he was pushed out and that the Defense Department was being micromanaged out of the West Wing of the White House. (Mr. Sasshole’s Note:  West Wing of the WH = Rice, Jarrett and Obama)

He becomes the latest member of the president’s national security team to resign and the third defense secretary to leave amid turmoil. Both of Mr. Hagel’s predecessors, Robert Gates and Leon Panetta, blasted Mr. Obama after leaving the Pentagon, penning books that were highly critical of aspects of the administration’s foreign policy.

In addition to the Pentagon chiefs, Mr. Obama also has seen his top diplomat, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, depart after the 2012 election. She was replaced by former Sen. John F. Kerry.

Mr. Obama also has had three national security advisers, with James Jones lasting less than two years and Tom Donilon lasting less than three. The job now is held by Susan E. Rice.

The sad/scary thing is how utterly unqualified most of the current personnel are for their roles.  There are at least three current cabinet members that are openly mocked by the rest of the cabinet (including Obama and Jarrett) for their ineptitude.  I’ll give you a hint on one of them, his name rhymes with “John Kerry”.  We’ve never had a White House like this.  But of course, we’ve never had a White House where the duties of the Executive Branch are regarded as a far lower priority relative to implementing the plan that Barack Obama was sent to install.