What is this mysterious aircraft filmed ‘blitzing Taliban base in Afghanistan’? Footage shows ‘UFO’ blasting terrorists’ encampment – UK Daily Mail

The Daily Mail wonders aloud if it’s an extraterrestrial craft.  It is not.  Although it’s unlikely that all of the tech shown in the video is completely “homegrown”.  Speculation aside, it’s one hell of an interesting watch.

DHS Emails Reveal U.S. May Have Terrorist “Hands Off” List – Judicial Watch

The Obama administration appears to have a terrorist “hands off” list that permits individuals with extremist ties to enter the country, according to internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents obtained by a United States Senator.

It’s unimaginable that any government would do this, but it seems like the Obama administration is constantly breaking new ground. The disturbing details of this secret initiative were made public this week by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, who has obtained DHS electronic mail discussing what could be a terrorist “hands off” list. The exchange includes a 2012 email chain between U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) asking whether to admit an individual with ties to various terrorist groups. The individual had scheduled an upcoming flight into the U.S., according to an announcement issued by the senator.

Read the whole thing.

We’ve had a satellite government in this country since the early 1950’s that was accountable to no one.  They would occasionally meddle with the elected government but by and large they took care of what they were put in place to handle and let the elected government do their thing.  But now we have an elected government that’s accountable to no one.  How far will this Administration go before its constituents finally decide that there is a limit to how pliable their ethics can be and demand some accountability and constitutionality out of the White House?

Rockefeller stands by Obama race remark – Politico

Sen. Jay Rockefeller may no longer fear the political consequences of charging the GOP with opposing President Barack Obama’s agenda because he’s the “wrong color.”

But he might be alone in that.


On Thursday, no Democrats publicly rushed to back Rockefeller’s assertion that Obama has met legislative resistance because of his race, a remark that sparked an emotional debate Wednesday with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) over whether opposing the president and his health care law amounted to being “racist.

Sometimes in my less cynical  moments, I think that there can be occasional situations where Lefties who accuse Obama’s detractors/political opponents of racism are actually being genuine as opposed to the worst kind of calculating political swine.  In those rare cases where they’re being genuine, as I believe Rockafeller is, it’s coming from that clueless, mentally isolated state where one believes “Our ideas are so obviously right the only way anyone could possibly disagree with us is due to some malignant character flaw.”
Honestly, I don’t know which is worse.

Flood of Comments Prompts IRS to Rethink Rule Limiting Political Activity of Nonprofits – The Wire

The IRS issued a statement on Thursday saying it is considering maybe, possibly revising new regulations on “social welfare” groups’ political activity after the rules, proposed last year, prompted more than 150,000 negative comments. The IRS said

It is likely that we will make some changes to the proposed regulation in light of the comments we have received. Given the diversity of views expressed and the volume of substantive input, we have concluded that it would be more efficient and useful to hold a public hearing after we publish the revised proposed regulation.

Pushback works.  One of those 150k negative comments belongs to me.  Does one belong to you?

Lawyer: VA Delay Killed Washington State Man – CBS News

Donald Douglass had a small spot on his forehead when he went to the Seattle Veterans Affairs hospital in 2011.

A biopsy confirmed it was cancerous. But it was four months before the hospital scheduled an appointment for him to have it removed — and by then, it had spread, wrapping around a facial nerve and eventually getting into his blood.

The delay proved fatal, his lawyer said — and it mirrors concerns being raised about the VA system nationally.

The way the VA is currently functioning is a harbinger of what’s to come under Obamacare.  Thanks again to you assholes that voted for representatives that supported it.

McDonald’s Workers Arrested at Protest Near Headquarters – Bloomberg

More than 100 McDonald’s (MCD) employees and some labor and clergy members were arrested after protesting for increased wages near the fast-food chain’s headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois.

The event, the latest in a series of demonstrations by workers demanding $15-an-hour pay and the right to form a union, began at 1 p.m. local time yesterday, on the eve of McDonald’s Corp.’s shareholder meeting.

About 2,000 protesters, including about 325 McDonald’s workers in restaurant uniforms, stormed though the company’s campus entrance at Jorie Boulevard and Kroc Drive in Oak Brook, according to the organizers, holding signs that said, “We Are Worth More” and “My Union My Voice.” The Oak Brook Police Department estimated the number was 1,000 to 1,500.

Nobody seems to have the sense to tell these workers what they need to hear, so I’ll give it a shot:


You are not worth $15 an hour.  You’re probably not worth $12 an hour.  You are unskilled labor.  ANYONE can do your job.

Now, to be very clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with working at a fast-food restaurant.  There is honor and pride in doing a good job.  You’re feeding people, there’s something honorable and even sacred about that.  But nobody owes you a “living wage”.

Do you know what you’re accomplishing every time you picket a fast food chain’s offices or tell a reported that you “deserve a fair wage”?  The only thing you’re accomplishing is that you’re making every fast food company CEO in the country pick up the phone, call his R&D Department and say “Where are we at with the robots?”

They’re already making them. 

Aside from getting all those CEO’s to make phone calls, you’re also denying every kid in future generations the opportunity to get a real first job because they’ll all be filled by machines.

The number of people that live in this country that think they’re somehow owed something from everybody else blows my fucking mind.  But that’s alright,  because you are going to be replaced due to your greed and your inflated sense of worth.  But I’m sure that will be somebody else’s fault too.

Another one wakes up.

Watch the video.  It’s only a few minutes and it’ll give any thinking person a warm fuzzy for a little while.

Plus she’s kinda cute.  In a nerdy, elfish sort of way.


  “O’Keefe’s crew pose as a Middle Eastern potentate named ‘Muhammad’ and his American ad executive. They approach the Tickells with an offer of $9 million to finance an anti-fracking film. ‘Muhammad’s’ motives are clearly expressed: he wants to keep the U.S. dependent on Middle Eastern oil, and to that end he wants to stamp out fracking. The Tickells have no problem with this at all. . . . Naturally, the punked parties have responded with howls of outrage. What should the unbiased observer make of it? You could adopt the Tickells’ attitude and say, as long as they are going to make an anti-fracking film, what difference does it make where the money comes from? But most people won’t see it that way. The alacrity with which the filmmakers sign on with ‘Muhammad’s’ goal of preventing America from becoming more energy independent is discomfiting.”

What I can never understand is the inability of these people to grasp the fact that the petroleum pollutes the Earth whether it comes from our ground or Saudi Arabia’s ground.  If it’s going to be extracted, wouldn’t you want it to be extracted here in the United States so that people can have as high of quality of living as possible?

Tea party on life support after brutal primary beatdown – Washington Times

Just 15 percent of Americans told the pollsters that they are supporters of the tea party movement today, which is less than half the level of support at its peak of 31 percent in November 2010 shortly after the midterm election when the movement fueled a landslide Republican win to take majority control of the House.The polls findings were released the day after primary elections in which Republican establishment candidates beat tea party-backed opponents in key races, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell trouncing tea party-backed Matt Bevin in Kentucky.The poll found that the tea party had lost significant support among its core constituency: Republicans.

A few things come to mind…  For starters, this isn’t terribly surprising considering not only has the Tea Party been under the onslaught of the Left (and more importantly, the MSM) since its inception, it’s also been enemy #1 for the RNC leadership after it realized that the Tea Party couldn’t be co-opted.

Another thing that comes to mind is that one can’t underestimate just how much sway the RNC still has over a good portion of the Republican faithful.  A LOT of conservative/libertarian minded individuals have wised up and realized that the RNC is almost as much of a problem as the Left, but a lot more haven’t.

The last thing that comes to mind is an anecdote.  An extremely talented, older engineer at work (I’m guessing he’s in his late 50’s) was musing one day to me about what a bunch of racist maniacs the Tea Party people were.  I didn’t say anything, just let him talk.  He went on for a minute or two, attributing all kinds of unsavory things to the Tea Party.

After he finished, I asked him something along the lines of “So who in the Tea Party expressed those ideas.”  And he didn’t answer.  So I suggested that he attempt to find evidence that the Tea Party is racist or has an opinion on any of the items he listed.  He came back to my office about a week later and thanked me.  Told me that I was right and that he felt dumb.  He even went to a Tea Party rally a few months later.

My point is that the Tea Party has two planks in its platform:

1. Reduce the size and scope of the Federal Government.

2. Constitutional Government.  Period.

That’s it.  Nothing else.  The Tea Party doesn’t care if you have your baby or scramble it’s brains.  Doesn’t care if you’re gay or straight.  Doesn’t have an opinion on the Middle East.

It’s pretty simple.  Anyone that tells you differently is lying.  End of story.

And honestly, why wouldn’t the Republican and Democrat leadership and politicians lie about the Tea Party?  There’s only a couple of basic ideas there that are awfully tough to argue honestly against.  More importantly, the Tea Party threatens to end the never ending party that the Dems and Republicans are having at your expense.

You’re not invited if you were wondering.