Frustration got the best of me..

I received about half a dozen emails after my post about Bundy (of the Bundy ranch) being a senile old fool.  The emails were very critical and pointed out a lot of things that I was aware of but didn’t mention because of my frustration with the man.  So to clear the air:

Yes, I know how the MSM works with this sort of thing.  What they did with Bundy (as they would with any target) is they’ll hang out with the target for a couple of days.  They’ll keep interviewing him as casually as possible with the cameras or the voice recorder running.  They’ll wait until he says something that could be controversial and more importantly, used against the target.  This is exactly what the NY Times did with Bundy.

I know he’s an old man who lives an isolated life and he can’t be expected to be media savvy.  It was merely frustration because now the MSM is going to tear this man apart (they’re already halfway there) and every Obamabot out there will denounce the man and ignore the very real issue at hand.  After all, most of them are just waiting for the chance to exercise their moral superiority muscles.

So for the record, here’s the full clip of Bundy’s comments.